Environmental Justice

The truth behind India's nuclear renaissance

February 2011

Jaitapur's French-built nuclear plant is a disaster in waiting, jeopardising biodiversity and local livelihoods.

Obama versus the Polar Bears

January 2011

President Obama’s decision comes despite the fact that US government and independent models predict an 80% chance Polar Bears will become mostly extinct by 2050, with total extinction this century without cuts in emissions.

President Dilma: Let Brazil set an example for a new ecological economy

January 2011

President Dilma Roussef has the mandate and responsibility to forge a new development path: one based on participatory planning, a social market and environmental sustainability.

Climate meet: Can-can or Can-can’t?

December 2010

Progress in Cancun is likely to be modest, slow, and in fits and starts, in large part because of US unwillingness to take responsibility as the world's largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases.

Cancun: The Next Chance for Democratic Solutions to the Climate Crisis

December 2010

American traditional homegrown democracy at a global level: how about allowing the countries that already bear the heaviest burden to step up to the microphone?

How about Saving all the Miners

November 2010

The unprecedented global media attention drawn by the Chilean mining story needs to look at the bigger picture - the criminal practices of the global mining industry.

Buying the present selling the future

October 2010

Considerations from Greenaccord’s VIII International Forum on the Protection of Nature in Cuneo, Italy

Pachakuti: Indigenous perspectives, degrowth and ecosocialism

Bob Thomson
October 2010

We have to talk to, learn from and support the indigenous movements which have inserted ecosocialist and degrowth like concepts into the formal constitutions, as in the states of Bolivia and Ecuadorian.

Remove the smokescreen

October 2010

The Indian Prime Minister's call to "go easy" on environmental regulation for fear of scaring off investors follows the flawed ideology that industrial development is the answer to poverty, when actually India's acute environmental deterioration should be the much greater concern.

When world recession knocks at the door it's time to change

October 2010

Since economic growth dependent on fossil fuels cannot persist, we must challenge the financial market ideology which continues to take precedence over human well being and the evironment.

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