Global Economic Justice

The EU's new austerity treaty - Interview with Lukas Oberndorfer

February 2012

Despite the strong and growing resistance in Greece and other European countries to the direction of EU policy responses to the crisis, the process for this new treaty has unfolded with disquieting speed: initiated in November, an agreement was already reached by end of January among the EU25. This comes at the expense of stifling democratic debate and, indeed, shortcutting the normal consultative procedures in the treaty process through legal manoeuvres.

The EU's new austerity treaty - Interview with Kenneth Haar

February 2012

What are the economic and political implications of the new fiscal treaty? And once signed, will the treaty have to go through a referendum?

Book Launch: Alternatives to privatisation – public services for the future

February 2012

Those who oppose the privatisation of public services are often confronted with the objection of 'no alternative'. However over the last decade, initiatives around the world to democratise public services and ensure equal access for all, resulted in interesting successful alternatives in practice. Two new books, co-published by TNI and the Municipal Services Project, show a wide range of alternatives in the form of successful, non-commercialised public services in health, water, sanitation and electricity.

Breaking with fear in Greece

Yiorgos Vassalos
February 2012

The real news in Greece is not about riots, but of a growing number of people who have broken away from fear and decided to fight back against the austerity imposed by the 'Troika' of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF.

Europeanism from below

Paolo Gerbaudo
February 2012

Paolo Gerbaudo reports on the Routes of Europe conference in Florence, arguing that the Italian left must embrace the participatory democracy of the indignados to achieve political purchase.

Another Road for Europe

Donatella della Porta
February 2012

The Euro crisis is more than an economic crisis; it has also unveiled an insidious disregard for democracy at the heart of the European project. How can we democratise the EU "from below"?

A different kind of Europe

Trevor Evans
February 2012

What would a progressive pan-European response to the Euro crisis look like? Professor Trevor Evans calls for a radical downsizing of the financial sector, debt audits, democratisation of the Commission and a full employment policy.

Taking on the Technocrats

February 2012

Trevor Evans and Mary Kaldor to speak on alternative paths for a progressive, democratic Europe.


For its own sake, Greece needs to declare default

February 2012

The ruthless austerity programmes imposed on Greece and the endless cycle of debt renegotiations will only come to a close when Athens takes charge of its predicament and announces a democratic and sovereign cessation of payments.

The Apple Connection

February 2012

iPad and iPhone are engineering masterpieces, but they also epitomise the social relations of production today where capital is free and labour is repressed.