Global Economic Justice

Green Grabbing: a new appropriation of nature?

July 2012

Across the world, ‘green grabbing’ – the appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends – is an emerging process of deep and growing significance. In recent years there has been a veritable explosion of scholarship examining the neoliberalization of environments, nature and conservation, drawing partly on older traditions of ecological/green Marxism and critical political ecology


Dangerous Weapons

June 2012

Across the world, citizens and social movements are mounting strong and effective campaigns to fight the environmental and social abuses of transnational corporations.

The European Union and the Global Land Grab

June 2012

This fact sheet highlights the involvement of the EU in the global land grab, both directly through the involvement of European capital and corporations in the acquisition of land and indirectly through EU policies that commodify land.

Investigate the escalating human rights abuses

June 2012

Call on the European Commission to investigate the escalating human rights abuses in Cambodia resulting from the granting of economic land concessions for agro-industrial development. 

Discover the dark side of Investment

June 2012

Introduction to the international investment regime, including key facts, links to useful resources and ideas for action.

Greece could begin again

June 2012

Despite elections, Greece is heading for an exit from the euro, and the rest of the eurozone periphery may follow, precipitating a huge change in the EU. After the crisis, Greece could slowly recover.

Dismantle Corporate Power

June 2012

Call to International Action for the economic, political, cultural and environmental sovereignty of our peoples.
End the impunity of transnational corporations Now!

Austerity: A recipe for deeper inequality

Therese Caherty
June 2012

Ireland has endured austerity for four years – and we're worse off than when we started. The Austerity Treaty will drive this to another level.

The debt crisis and the fiscal treaty referendum in Ireland

Andy Storey
June 2012

The fiscal treaty was voted on in a referendum in Ireland on 31st May and was approved by a margin of 60% to 40% (with a turnout of barely 50% of eligible voters). To understand the significance of the treaty and the referendum result, it is necessary to understand the origins of the Irish and European debt crises.

Video: The Dark Side of Investment Agreements

May 2012

An animation which exposes how people are paying the costs of corporate lawsuits under international investment agreements.



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