European Union

European Union

Lisbon Treaty and new EC competence over investment

April 2010

This event is part of 'Debating Europe', a debate series organised in Brussels by the Transnational Institute with policy makers, MEPs and representatives of Civil Society.

Call to the Peoples' Alternative Summit, Enlazando Alternativas 4

February 2010

Call to all the social networks and organisations, trades unions, political forces and civil society movements to join the Peoples' Alternative Summit in defense of peoples' sovereignty, human rights, participatory democracy, labour rights, the rights of women and indigenous peoples, social justice, the defense of the environment in the face of climate change, and the establishment of peace.

Default in Europe

December 2009

The Euro zone crisis cannot be staved off. A building with the bad foundation cannot be durable.

Debating Europe: WTO Doha Round and EPAs in an era of crisis: salvation or suicide for ACP countries? (Video)

Ignacio Iruarrizaga Díez
December 2009

The international free trade and investment policies and the related WTO agreements played a major role in undermining so many developing countries' economies. The proponents of tese policies, including the EU, are now urging the govenrments of the world to end their resistance to such policies within the WTO.

From Lima to Madrid

November 2009

In the Hearing at the European Parliament, an overview of the main human rights violations of European transnational corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean will be presented as well as the role of European policies and institutions in the creation of a legal-judicial framework that allows transnational  corporations to act with impunity.

Global Europe and strategies on European Free Trade Agreements

November 2009

The EU is currently negotiating trade agreements with countries from several regions. The effects of the agreements are severe and imply a deterioration of rights and possibility for governing in the poor countries, and also
imply a deterioration of the possibilities to protect nature and
resources. Activists from different countries with which the EU tries to sign (free)trade agreements will tell us about their campaigns.

The WTO Doha round and EPAs in an era of crisis

November 2009

The major causes of the economic and social crises are now being even more blatantly promoted by the EU - both within the multilateral WTO negotiations and bilateral and bi-regional FTA/EPA negotiations - as the fundamental solutions.



September 2009

Are we turning a blind eye to a new kind of arms race? One in which all the weapons are pointing inwards? This report reveals the extent to which Europe’s largest defence and IT contractors are benefiting from a €1.4 billion EU “security research” programme.


European election campaign

May 2009
Over the past three decades, the “freedom” of financial actors has been extended at the expense of the huge majority of people. This is also the case for the EU. By exclusively seeking to satisfy the corporate interests, the EU trade policy undermines the living conditions of people both in Europe and in the Global South. Join the European election campaign and ask the EU parliament to act for change.

EU policy is shaped not only by politicians but often strongly influenced by external experts, who are also often representatives of certain interests.


A partnership among equals?

April 2009

The proposed EU-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement aims for reciprocal and progressive liberalization of substantially all goods and services. The EU-ASEAN FTA Campaign initiated in 2007 a research project that would examine the nature and scope of EU-ASEAN Relations. This report consists of studies of Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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