The Lugano Report

On Preserving Capitalism in the 21st Century

13 June 1999
What would you recommend if you wanted to preserve capitalism in the 21st century? The Lugano Report stakes out new territory and proceeds with relentless logic from uncompromising diagnosis to chilling cure.

A multidisciplinary Working Party convened by world leaders to consider the future of the world economy concludes that it is grossly undermanaged, gravely threatened by its own excesses, prone to ecological collapse and an unlikely candidate for long-term survival. How, then, can the winners in the globalisation game guarantee their own comfortable future? There is a way, but one which may be too awful to contemplate. The Lugano Report stakes out new territory and proceeds with relentless logic from uncompromising diagnosis to chilling cure.

If this is the future, you will be moved to seek out a different one. In her appendix and afterword, Susan George challenges the conclusions of the Working Party and offers alternative solutions.

A brilliant, terrifying book which should be on the bedside of every policy maker in the West... This book deserves to be a bestseller and our common future might be safer as it was.
Victoria Brittain

With acid wit and somber truths, The Lugano Report brilliantly portrays, through the eyes of its imagined but all too realistic planners, a world that may be heading for deep trouble.
Noam Chomsky

An extraordinary and original book of exquisite irony, a kind of Catch-22 of capitalism, The Lugano Report is a stunning achievement.
John Pilger

Rigorous and innovative... Guaranteed to enthral the reader and galvanise us to challenge the received wisdom surrounding the globalised economic system which is exposed so brilliantly in The Lugano Report.
Glenys Kinnock, MEP

The Lugano Report is brilliant and innovative... A compelling satire, packed with information, this is the work of an author in complete control of her subject. All Susan George's books are incisive and engaging, but this one is even more powerful than its predecessors.
George Monbiot

June 1999
Pluto Press (eds.)
ISBN/ISSN: 0-7453-1532-1

About the authors

Susan George

Susan George is one of TNI's most renowned fellows for her long-term and ground-breaking analysis of global issues. "How to win the Class War - The Lugano Report II" is the newest of her sixteen widely translated books. She describes her work in a cogent way that has come to define TNI: "The job of the responsible social scientist is first to uncover these forces [of wealth, power and control], to write about them clearly, without jargon... and take an advocacy position in favour of the disadvantaged, the underdogs, the victims of injustice."