Achin Vanaik

Achin Vanaik

Professor of International Relations and Global Politics, Delhi University

Retired Professor of International Relations and Global Politics from thë University of Delhi, Achin Vanaik is an active member of the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India). His books and writings range from studies of India's political economy, issues concerning religion, communalism and secularism as well as international contemporary politics and nuclear disarmament.


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Nuclear disarmament, nuclear weapon free zones, Indian security & foreign policy, Indian communalism


He is a co-recipient, with Praful Bidwai, of the International Peace Bureau's Sean McBride International Peace Prize for 2000.

Media experience:

Achin Vanaik is frequently interviewed and contributes to The Telegraph (Calcutta), and The Hindu.


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Email: achin.vanaik AT gmail dot com

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New Delhi, India

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Recent content by Achin Vanaik

Emerging Powers: Rise of the South or a Reconfiguration of Elites

September 2014
The BRICS challenge to US imperial power is an important development, but building a more humane and ecologically sustainable world will require fundamental changes to the politics and policies practiced by the emerging powers.

Tony Benn: Committed Democratic Socialist

April 2014
No British politician who has also served in government was ever subjected to as much hostility and calumny from the Tory Party, from the mainstream media, or even from senior colleagues in his own Labour Party as was Anthony Wedgewood Benn.

On the Issue of Nuclear Terrorism

March 2014
It is time for a closer look at the self-serving claim by nuclear weapons states that one of the greatest dangers is that of nuclear weapons being built or falling into the hands of ‘terrorist groups’.

World history and its future possibilities

April 2013
Response to keynote presentation "Historizing the Making of Modern International Relations: Evaluating The Global Transformation" by Barry Buzan and George Lawson

Africa: Future Trajectories for BRICS

March 2013
Despite much optimism, there are clear indications that BRICS lacks the capacity to function as a powerful and innovative new force in the realm of global politics and governance.

Corrective to Dominant Discourse on Growth and Development

January 2013
Bookreview of Growth, Inequality and Social Development in India: Is Inclusive Growth Possible?

Future Perspectives for the Mainstream Indian Left

October 2012
After the last 2009 elections the parliamentary left has clearly suffered so serious a defeat that it would not be out of place to describe the current situation as one of crisis.  How does this mainstream left seek to revive itself?

Crisis and alternatives

August 2012
In the long term we have to transcend capitalism as it cannot ensure a decent livelihood for all nor is it compatible with preserving necessary ecological balances. In the short-term we must start out with basic social democratic demands.

Accepting Fait Accompli

May 2011
India should not use the Mazen-Beilin understandings of October 1995 as a base for foreign policy regarding the Israel - Palestine conflict. Any outline of parameters based on this document endorses brutality, illegality and voraciousness of colonial rule.

Book review - Maoist and Other Armed Conflicts.

May 2011
The authors provide a remarkably comprehensive and lucidly written survey of the armed conflicts currently taking place within India.