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Beatriz Martínez

Translator and editor

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bea [at] tni [dot] org

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Barcelona, Spain

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Recent content by Beatriz Martínez

On the Copenhagen UN climate summit or why you need more than butter to bake a cake

January 2010
So it seems that for once everyone agrees on something: the UN climate summit in Copenhagen was a spectacular failure. That is quite an achievement in itself, since consensus seems a rarity in these times.

Walking the tight wire

September 2008
Collection of conversations that took place during the events that shook Lebanon in May 2008 and which led many to say the country was ‘on the brink of civil war’.

The Lebanese government is on the right of the World Bank

July 2008
An interview with the President of the Lebanese General Workers Union (CGTL) on the May 2008 crisis in Lebanon.

An interview with Samah Idriss

May 2008
Samah Idriss speaks about the May 2008 Lebanese crisis.

Palestine in Crisis

November 2005
Graham Usher explores the background to the Oslo agreement and its political and economic ramifications.

Translated by Beatriz Martínez