Ernestien Jensema

Ernestien Jensema

Programme Coordinator

Ernestien Jensema (1971) is a social anthropologist who has been working as a researcher and project coordinator with the Drugs & Democracy Programme of TNI since 2008. She focuses on issues related to the UN drug control system and the Drugs and Democracy Programme’s Asia project.

Prior to her work at TNI she was senior policy analyst at the Senlis Council a think-tank on global drug policy, development and security issues which she joined at its establishment in 2002.
In 2001 and 2002 she held the position of policy officer at the Division of Police and Judicial Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 1996 Ernestien received a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology of Non-Western Societies from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam after completion of a thesis on the role of influential women in two rural villages in the Western Province of Zambia

Work area:

Areas of expertise:

International drug control system; drugs markets in Asia


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Email: e.jensema AT tni dot org
Phone: +31 20 662 66 08

Languages spoken:

Dutch, English, French

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Recent content by Ernestien Jensema

Human rights and drug policy

May 2015
An accessible but comprehensive primer on why TNI believes that human rights must be at the heart of any debate on drug control.

Towards a Healthier Legal Environment

February 2015
The decision of the Myanmar Government to review drug laws is not only timely, but also offers a prospect to improve the drugs legislation and to ensure that the laws address drug-related problems in the country more effectively.

Bouncing Back

May 2014
TNI's indepth examination of the illegal drug market in the Golden Triangle, which has witnessed a doubling of opium production, growing prison populations and repression of small-scale farmers. This report details the failure of ASEAN's 'drug free' strategy and the need for a new approach.

The impact of Alternative Development in Burma and Laos

October 2012
Alternative development and crop substitution programmes seem to be a guise for the Chinese government to support large scale agro businesses in Northern Burma and Laos. 

A Matter of Substance

July 2010
This paper discusses the “substance-oriented approach” Dutch authorities implemented to to scare off potential small-scale cocaine smugglers. The focus was on the drugs, rather than the couriers, and on incapacitating the smuggling route, rather than deterrence by incarceration.