Howard Wachtel

Howard Wachtel

Emeritus Professor of Economics, American University

Howard Wachtel is a former TNI fellow and an expert on the financialisation of the global economy who foresaw the financial crisis long before it struck in autumn 2008. His book in 2003 Street of Dreams. Boulevard of Broken Hearts: Wall Street's First Century (London: Pluto Press) is a widely respected history of the infamous New York street.  Howard was the first co-ordinator of TNI's Global Economy Programme and currently a Professor Emeritus of Economics at American University in Washington DC.

Work area:

Areas of expertise:

Global Tax Systems; International Finance; Post-Washington Consensus; World Economy and International Money; US Corporations; Labour and the American Economy, Economic Transformation in the Planned Economies of East-Central Europe, the Former Soviet Union and the Third World.


Media experience:

Dr. Wachtel appears frequently on major media and has published in such newspapers as the New York Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, the International Herald Tribune, Der Taggesspiegel, and the Los Angeles Times


Contact details:

Email: wachtel [at]

Languages spoken:

English; French

Washington D.C., United States

Recent content by Howard Wachtel

Greece’s Woes: So Goes the Euro

July 2011
The Greek crisis has exposed the fundamental flaws in the Euro project: it stripped countries control over the price of money and allowed political elites to undermine Europe's post-war social contract.

Casino Crash: the end of neo-liberalism? (Video)

November 2008
Does the greatest financial crisis since the Wall Street crash of 1929 mean that the 'capitalism as we know it' has reached its end? TNI panelists analyse the causes and consequences of the on-going global financial crisis and discuss its profound implications for a changed world order.

Remarks at Union for Radical Political Economics 40th Anniversary

August 2008
Howard Wachtel recalls the creation of the Union of Radical Political Economics in the summer of 1968

Street of Dreams - Boulevard of Broken Hearts

May 2003
This is the story of America's most famous street, Wall Street. Exploring its development through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Wachtel charts its dramatic transformation, offering a window on the past that helps us understand how it became the center of world finance that we see today.