Tamra Gilbertson

Tamra Gilbertson

Team member of Carbon Trade Watch

Tamra Gilbertson is one of the founders of Carbon Trade Watch, a former project of the Transnational Institute (TNI), and co-author of Carbon Trading: How it works and why it fails. She has been active in the project since 2001 and was a founding member of the Durban Group for Climate Justice. She is trained in photography and film-making and was a co-director of The Carbon Connection. She has been published in the New Internationalist, Opciones and Diagonal. She received a Teamsters Union Scholarship from 1995 to 1998 and the Samuel Rubin Young Fellowship Award in 2004.

Areas of expertise:

All aspects of carbon trading, environmental justice, community resistance, women and climate change, the CDM and field research.


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Languages spoken:

English, Castellano


Recent content by Tamra Gilbertson

Upsetting the Offset

December 2009
The book contributes to a growing field of critics of carbon markets by highlighting several up-to-date examples of where the system has failed and often led to negative social, economic and environmental impacts in deprived countries.

Climate Justice for a Changing Planet: Beyond Carbon Trading

December 2009
Instead of stimulating new commodity markets, the targets and obligations placed on industrialised countries should be met domestically.

Beyond Carbon Markets

December 2009
Although carbon offsets are often presented as emissions reductions, they do not actually reduce emissions. At best, they move reductions to where it is cheapest to make them, which normally means a shift from Northern to Southern countries.

FACT SHEET: What's at stake in Copenhagen

December 2009
Why are some countries intent on killing Kyoto? Do the reductions targets tell the whole story? Who is paying for it all? This fact sheet answers all your questions about the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

Carbon Trading - How it works and why it fails

November 2009
This accessible, well-researched book provides a devastating critique of both the theory and practice of carbon trading, which lie at the heart of global climate policy.

Unveiling Carbon Trading

November 2009
Carbon trading is a complex system which sets itself a simple goal: to make it cheaper for companies and governments to meet emissions reduction targets.


June 2007
This document focuses on particular types of ‘biofuel’ which we prefer to call agrofuel because of the intensive, industrial way it is produced, generally as monocultures, often covering thousands of hectares, most often in the global South.