Evaluation and prospects of international drug control

31 December 2010

The Transnational Institute (TNI) and the International Drug Policy Consortium collaborated through a European Commission grant under the Drug Prevention and Information Programme (JUST/2010/DPIP/AG/0984). The project under the name Evaluation and Prospects of International Drug Control ran from January 2011 to August 2012.

The specific objectives of the project were :

  • Exchange and development of best practices and innovation in drug policy making between civil society, national and international policy makers, the academic world and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Promote public debate on region-wide drug control policy challenges;
  • Increase and expand the knowledge base in order to develop and exchange best practices in policy evaluation;
  • Investigate the issues, drivers and trends shaping drug control policy prospects;
  • Formulate scenarios for development of international drug control policy beyond the year 2012;
  • Link this work to other research projects in the fields of drug control development ongoing outside Europe;
  • Propose concrete recommendations for further research and public policy planning and imple­mentation in the context of European regional institutions and the UN drug control system;
  • Facilitating civil society participation in the policy making process at the national and inter­national level, through enhanced coordination of their activities, and the identification of key opportunities for action in Europe.

These objectives were met through a series of expert seminars and informal drug policy dialogues. The project also involved the publication of a number of briefing papers on drug policy reform.

This project was conceived as an in-depth and trans-disciplinary inquiry on the factors and tendencies likely to shape drug control strategies in the coming years, particularly around the 50th anniversary of the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and the 100th anniversary of the first international treaty on drug control, the 1912 Hague Convention.

Expert seminars and dialogues:


This project has been executed with the financial assistance of the Drug Prevention and Information Programme (DPIP) of the European Union and the Open Society Foundations (OSF).
The contents of this project are the sole responsibility of TNI and GDPO and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the donors.