Second Dialogue Forum Between Civil Society and the Mexican Government & the European Union

17 November 2005


Second Dialogue Forum Between Civil Society and the Mexican Government & the European Union
February 28-March 1, 2005, Mexico City

Foro de Dialogo entre las Sociedades Civiles y las Instituciones del Gobierno de Mexico y de la Union Europea
28 de febrero-1 de marzo de 2005, Mexico

RMALC (Mexican Network on Free Trade) and CIFCA (Copenhagen Initiative on Central America and Mexico) of which TNI is a member have participated together with Trade Unions, social movements and development networks in the Dialogue Forum being organised from February 28-March 1, in Mexico City. This is the second Dialogue Forum between Civil Society organisations and the Mexican Government & the European Union – the first took place in Brussels in 2002.

Preparation for participation in this Dialogue has taken place in a European civil society consultation in Brussels on February 16 and in a joint RMALC-CIFCA consultation with Mexican civil society organisations on February 26 in Mexico City. Both Consultations have included assessments of the impact EU-Mexico Global Accord and its Free Trade Agenda. A document of Joint Proposals from RMALC and CIFCA has been presented at the Forum.

Despite the expected participation of President Fox and senior officials of the European Union, there is deep concern that the Dialogue Forum falls very short of stated expectations from many civil society organisations in both Mexico and Europe. The fact that five young protested from among 49 originally arrested during the EU-Latin American Summit last May in Guadalajara are still in prison as well as the major violations of the rights of the Indigeneous people being impacted by the EU-Mexican Agreement are among the reasons indicated in the joint RMALC-CIFCA Press Commnique Substantive Dialogue – not pretence!