World Water Forum 3

17 November 2005


World Water Forum 3
Tokyo, Japan
16-23 March 2003

Advancing Alternatives to Water Privatisation
International Seminar on Advancing Alternatives to Water Privatisation
Kyoto's Seika University, 22 March 2003

Co-organised by TNI with Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO, The Netherlands), Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (Malaysia) and ATTAC (Japan)

After a decade of sweeping privatisation of drinking water supply around the world, there are now signs that the tide is turning. Local and international opposition is growing rapidly, as it becomes increasingly apparent that private water corporations systematically fail to provide clean and affordable drinking water to the world's poorest. As traditional public systems are frequently also not functioning well, there is an urgent need to further explore the potential of alternative models, such as the participatory and co-operative water management systems that are delivering excellent results in a number of cities around the world (with Porto Alegre, Brazil, as the most well-known). Involving anti-privatisation activists from different parts of the world, the seminar looked into the possibilities and obstacles for introducing such models elsewhere. The aim was also to develop follow-up plans for promoting these models as viable alternatives, as part of campaigning against privatisation of water around the world.

The second half of the seminar was a strategy meeting dedicated to identifying the next steps in the strengthening of international networks in the struggle for water justice. One angle was to examine the potential of international solidarity links in countering the privatisation offensive of Europe-based water TNCs in Asia and elsewhere, for instance through an Asia-Europe water justice network that could build on the Asia Europe People's Forum which has been developed around ASEM.

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