Invitation Public Meeting "Reclaiming Public Water"- Network tour - 27th April 2007

23 April 2007
Public Meeting Interaction with Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) network members. Time : 4.30 p.m. Date : 27th April 2007 Venue: S C M House (Behind Vijayalakshmi Silks), 2nd Cross Mission Compound, Bangalore
All citizens have a Right to Water. But in the new and current revenue recovery model of the Govt of India (GoI) projects are made with only a few people in mind especially the rich and those who can pay. This is happening increasingly with erosion of Government responsibility towards its electorate by pressures from "fiscal reform" and the private (for profit) sector. The poorest people all over have now been identified as those who are a sizable market for purchase of commercial goods. Water supply has also become one of the biggest revenue earners for a few multinational companies. This has been also backed by the "neoliberal ideology and vision" of the world Bank, the IMF and others which have generated "bureaucratic consensus" without political or public debate among reprsentatives or citizens. In this context over the last several years a coordinated international effort began to roll back the privatisation of water supply as part of the network known as :- *RECLAIMING PUBLIC WATER. * This has received extensive support from all over the world from various sections of the common people. They include water utility workers, residents from slum areas, neighbourhood associations, NGOs and civil society organisations, academics and researchers, etc etc. 5 Key members of the RPW group are visiting India as part of the campaign efforts from 23-30 April 2007. Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) network, was initiated in November 2005 to promote progressive public water ( Public - Public partnership) models and other alternatives to water privatisation. This involves connecting in an open and consensus-based network, activists, trade unionists, researchers and public water managers from around the world. A series of case studies have now been put together in a new book *"Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World"* has been published in Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian and Korean, along with Transnational Institute (TNI) & Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO). In India as part of the tour Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam editions will be released. The English edition of the book can be downloaded from: The full download of the Hindi edition will be available after April 25th at: