17 April: International Day of Peasant's Struggle

Via Campesina press release
16 April 2012
Small scale farmers and their allies are celebrating the International Day of Peasant's Struggle on April 17 2012, organising more than 250 actions all over the globe.
TNI's Agrarian Justice programme works closely with Via Campesina in their struggle for land and justice.
The International Day of Peasants' struggle commemorates the massacre of 19 landless farmers demanding access to land and justice in 1996 in Brazil. A full list of actions, that will take place worldwide ranging from university lectures to land occupations is available on the website www.viacampesina.org
The international farmers movement La Via Campesina is mobilising this year to oppose the current offensive by some states and large corporations at international level to grab land from the farmers, women and men, who have been cultivating it for centuries. Small farmers' demand is simple: they need access to land to grow food for their communities. When land is grabbed by transnational companies, huge monoculture plantations for export are developed. This only leads to increased hunger, social unrest and environmental devastation, including the current climate chaos.
Tomorrow, Farmers organisations and their allies will reclaim land all over Brazil and organise mass mobilisations against landgrabbing in Tete, Mozambique and in front of the Constitutional Court in Jakarta, Indonesia. In Brussels, they will launch a parody of the EU Commission's website marking the 50th anniversary of the Common Agriculture Policy.
This action day will take place a few days before the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC, April 23-26, 2012. The Via Campesina mobilisations will voice small farmers' strong opposition to the World Bank initiative of Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) that is supposed to prevent land grab abuses but in fact legitimizes farmland grabbing by corporate and state investors.
“In the run up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, farmers and supporters of the food sovereignty and agroecology movement are now actively opposing the “greening of capitalism” that is now promoted at international level. We believe that land, water, seeds and all natural resources should be used by small farmers to protect them and feed to world, and not by transnational corporations to make profit”, said Henry Saragih, general coordinator of la Via Campesina.