29 August 2006


See also TNI Annual Report 2005


12-19 December

HK People's Alliance Logo

At the occasion of the WTO's 6th Ministerial Meeting, TNI (co-)organises a Forum on Trade and War Militarism and Neo-liberalism: A Two-headed Monster?, Seminar on WTO and bilateral FTAs: Complementary Agents of Neoliberalism, Roundtable Resisting Economic Partnership Agreements in Africa and the Caribbean, Forum Iraq: Ground Zero of Globalisation and War?. TNI also participates in the International Day of Protest on GATS and Privatisation on 14 December and the Concert to Celebrate International Migrants' Day and People's Solidarity Against the WTO on 18 December. Hong Kong.


10 December


Public debate: Casus belli Iran: Three time does the trick? De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam


28 November-8 December

Poster Montreal

Series of events around Climate Justice organised by Carbon Trade Watch and others. Montreal.


17-18 November


Follow-up seminar Reclaiming Public Water Madrid, Spain and launch of the Spanish version of Reclaiming Public Water in several Spanish cities.


12 November


Martin Jelsma, TNI Fellow and coordinator of the Drugs & Democracy Programme, receives the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship for becoming "one of, if not the, outstanding strategists in terms of how international institutions deal with drugs and drug policy". Long Beach, California.


3 November


Seminar Ideologies of Empire Montevideo, Uruguay.


22-23 October


European Convention of Local Communities for the Promotion of Public Services Liège, Belgium.


12 October


Seminar Climate Change and the Privatisation of the Atmosphere on environmental justice and carbon trading in the Kyoto Protocol, TNI, Amsterdam.


30 September


Public debate Africa & Globalisation & EPAswith speakers Yash Tandon and Kriss Douma. Felix Meritis, Amsterdam.


7-9 September

Helsinki Key Dialogue

Helsinki Conference 2005 Mobilising Political Will Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland. Chairperson of TNI's Planning Board Fellow Susan George participating.


15-18 August


Indonesian edition of Reclaiming public water launched


3 July


G8 Alternatives Edinburgh. TNI Fellows Walden Bello and Susan George are speaking.


28 June


Pre-summit G8 event Make G8 History London. TNI Fellow Hilary Wainwright is chairing.


23-27 June


TNI Fellows Walden Bello and Saul Landau testify at the World Tribunal on Iraq Istanbul, Turkey.


17-18 June


International Seminar Participatory Democracy. Political Actors and Social Movements Barcelona, Spain.


16-19 June


Cover EurotopiaFirst issue of Eurotopia is presented at the Mediterranean Social Forum, Barcelona, Spain.


23-24 May


Seminar Another Europe Is Possible. How do we build it? Amsterdam, TNI Office.


20 May


Book presentation and signingBook presentation Het Lugano Rapport [Dutch version of Susan George's "The Lugano Report"] Felix Meritis, Amsterdam.


20-22 May


Annual Fellows' Meeting in the new TNI Office, Amsterdam.


10 May


Activity posterOpening of the TCOE photo-exhibition about land and land reform co-hosted by TNI in the Jacobikerk, Utrecht.


28-29 April


TNI Expert Seminar Global Enforcement Regimes. Transnational Organised Crime, International Terrorism and Money Laundering Amsterdam. Full report and papers available.


29 March


Public debate World Social Forums in Development From the Global to the Local De Balie, Amsterdam.


28 February-1 March


2nd Dialogue Forum Between Civil Society and the Mexican Government & the European Union Mexico City, Mexico.


26 January


Workshop Elite Politics and Democratic Movement in Indonesia with Olle Törnquist (Oslo University) and Anu Lounela (Helsinki University). Organised by TNI with the Indonesia House, the Finnish Indonesia Society and Stichting Duurzame Solidariteit. TNI Office, Amsterdam.


25-31 January


WSF logoTNI organises several seminars and workshops at the 5th World Social Forum Porto Alegre, Brasil.