28 November-8 December 2005

11 December 2005

28 November-8 December 2005

Poster Montreal

Series of events around Climate Justice organised by Carbon Trade Watch and others. Montreal.


12 October 2005


Seminar Climate Change and the Privatisation of the Atmosphere on environmental justice and carbon trading in the Kyoto Protocol. TNI Office, Amsterdam.


December 2004


Research study into The Role of Dutch Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) presented at the Energy for Development International Conference (E4D) organised by the Dutch government.


December 2004


Policy brief A Wrong Turn from Rio. The World Bank's Road to Climate Catastrophe published by SEEN on the occasion of the 10th Session of the Conference of Parties to the Climate Change Convention held in Buenos Aires, which Jim Valette, Nadia Martínez and Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network attend as TNI delegates.


June 2004


International Conference Renewable Energies 2004 hosted by the German government in Bonn.


April 2004

Manana Kochladze

The European winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2004 is scientist Manana Kochladze, founder of Green Alternative in Georgia, an affiliate of TNI Energy Project partner CEE Bankwatch.


20 January 2004


Workshop Sustainable Energy. A workshop to discuss issues related to sustainable energy in the context of neo-liberalism and with a view to the links to food and environmental issues organised by TNI with Censat Agua Viva/FOE (Colombia), Friends of the Earth Latin America and Carribbean. WSF, Mumbai, India.


19 January 2004


Workshop Electricity Sector Reforms in Asia. Experiences and Strategies. A workshop to exchange experiences and strategies as regards electricity sector reforms organised by the TNI Energy project. WSF, Mumbai, India.


19 January 2004


Workshop Global Drops in the Local Ocean. A workshop to exchange experiences and strategies as regards electricity sector reforms organised by TNI with CEUTA (Uruguay), CLAES and the Social Continental Alliance. WSF, Mumbai, India.


21 November-7 December 2003


An exhibition on pollution trading and climate change with films, audio, photographs and workshops, Amsterdam.


December 2003

Cover Big Blackout

Video/DVD Release The Big Blackout. Debunking the Myths of Power Privatisation.


16-18 september 2003


TNI Energy Conference Environmental Rights and Human Rights Cartagena, Colombia


23 January 2003


Workshop Soberanía Energética y Sociedades Sustentables WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


8-10 January 2003


African Skillshare on Public Finance, Energy Restructuring and Climate Change Maputo, Mozambique


7-10 October 2002


TNI Energy Workshop Power Sector Privatisation
Chulalongkorn University Campus, Bangkok, Thailand


29 August 2002


TNI Energy Workshop: Sustainable Energy for All? Resistance and Alternatives to the Global Commodification, Deregulation and Privatisation of Energy Johannesburg, South Africa


26 August-4 September 2002


UN World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg and Limits to Trade. Manifesto of the Dutch JohannesBridge Platform


31 July 2002


Global Village Cameroon Johannesburg Preparatory Meeting Yaounde, Cameroon


25-27 July 2002


Second International Panel Energy for Sustainable Societies Bogotá, Colombia


26 May 2002


TNI Forum Electricity Privatisation. Debunking the Myths Amsterdam


18 February 2002


TNI Forum: Power to the People. Globalisation and the Energy Crises Amsterdam


2 - 6 October 2001


Renewable Energy Workshop: Bringing Renewable Energy down to Earth: An Energy for Community Skillshare Indonesia


November 1999


Global Environmentalism. Seeking Common Ground TNI Festival, De Balie, Amsterdam