Agrarian Justice scholarships at the ISS

22 September 2011

Are you an Agrarian Justice Activist and are you looking to learn more? Apply for a scholarship at the International Institute of Social Studies. 

Scholarships available for MA in Development Studies, specializations in: (a) Agriculture and Rural Development, and (b) Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD), International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Netherlands.

MA in Development Studies, specialization in Agriculture and Rural Development, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Netherlands – application for the 2012-2013 programme 2012-2013 has been open since September 2011. Some (partial/full) scholarships are available. For those applying for full scholarship from the Netherlands Government Fellowship Programme (NFP), the application deadline is 1 January 2012 (only for citizens of selected developing countries); for those not applying for this scholarship, application deadline is end of March 2012.

The MA in Development Studies, specialization in Agriculture and Rural Development offers exciting, solid and balanced academic and professionally relevant training in theory and methods for critical development studies taught by leading academics in the field. It is designed for those wishing to start or continue their professional careers in the area of development or to pursue their studies at PhD level. The 15.5 month MA Programme consists of coursework (September to June) and the research paper (July to mid-December).

Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) specialization

Can we feed the world and achieve economic development while conserving ecosystems and improving the livelihoods of peasants and the rural poor? How do we understand and tackle the interlinked agrarian and environmental crises? What types of policies create sustainable development that guarantees justice, equality and autonomy for poor and marginalized communities?

ARD uses political economy and political sociology to understand the impact of capitalist development on agrarian structures and how (non-)state actors compete to control this process. It offers classic and cutting-edge analytical tools to understand contemporary global burning issues like food and energy crises, biofuels, land grabs, enclosures and dispossession, (trans)national rural social movements and food movements, and popular alternatives like food sovereignty.

The ARD staff are linked to several exciting and cutting-edge global research initiatives, including the Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies (ICAS), the Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI) and the Centre for the Study of Transition and Development (CESTRAD). It is also in this community that the editorial center of the international academic journal, Journal of Peasant Studies is currently hosted.

For queries about the MA ARD specialization and possible scholarships – or interest in the PhD Programme – please contact Dr. Jun Borras ( and Prof. Dr. Max Spoor (

ARD has a ‘sister specialization’, the Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD). We share a similar approach in teaching and research, and share faculty staff. There are similar opportunities for scholarship for ESD. For further information, contact: Dr. Murat Arsel ( and Dr. Bram Buscher (

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Photo by Sistak