Alternative Trade Mandate

24 April 2013

The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is an alliance of currently almost 50 organisations, developing an alternative vision of European trade policy that puts people and planet before big business.

Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance website.

Our belief is that Europe’s trade has to be fundamentally changed. Our alternative respects human rights, and is democratically controlled by parliamentarians and the public. It’s ecological, respects gender equality and creates justice between countries, social classes and ethnicities. We propose a trade policy that increases economic, social and environmental well-being globally.

We are currently developing an Alternative Trade Mandate: Based on our principles, and through extensive civil society consultations all over Europe, we are developing a well-thought-out, concrete and detailed proposal on what EU trade policy should look like, to be completed by the end of 2012. In the consultation workshops we are bringing together voices and expertise from all over Europe. This has never been attempted before, and represents an exciting new departure in trade campaigning in Europe.

Based on our Mandate, we hope to mobilise the public all over Europe to support our call for a complete transformation of EU trade policy. The EU elections 2014 will be a great opportunity to campaign and lobby for our Alternative Trade Mandate.

The Alternative Trade Mandate alliance is not opposed to trade in itself, but trade can take many different forms. A world with fairer trade rules has the potential to transform the lives of millions. Applying fairer rules to trade could help rebalance economies and societies, putting the interests of people and the planet first.