Book Review of “Whose Crisis, Whose Future?” by Susan George

17 March 2011
In the media

Susan George, (2010), “Whose Crisis, Whose Future? Towards a Greener, Fairer, Richer World”, Polity Press, Cambridge. The book is published as well in French and Spanish, see details below.

Here is a book that attempts to explain how high finances direct the economy and how they bring about the enormously unequal world we live in. As I read, I had the feeling I was invited to a party, a party for well-meaning adults with a clear sense of social responsibility.

The title “Whose Crisis, Whose Future?” promises a blueprint of what ails the planet in 2011, and this it fully delivers. You thought you had read all about it? You could not be more wrong.

Susan George wrote the book because she was angry, perplexed and scared of the immense political challenges the current situation will cause in the years to come. She thus embarks on explaining how and why we have landed ourselves in the current mess — and how we can get out of it.

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