Building Alternatives

25 January 2007

A licence to carry on polluting? 5 December 2006
By Larry Lohmann

Carbon trading fraud 30 December 2006
By Praful Bidwai

Carbon credits and the green desert September 2006
Heidi Bachram
As the struggle for land and water resources in Brazil intensifies, Heidi Bachram discovers that the new carbon market is an added burden for vulnerable communities.

The camp at the end of the world July 2006
Heidi Bachram
As the impending climate crisis looms, Heidi Bachram takes a look at what direct action has to offer.

Carbon Offset Controversy at Phone Co-op AGM
Heidi Bachram, 28 June 2005

Kyoto fails indigenous peoples on climate justice
Heidi Bachram
Carbon Trade Watch, 1 December 2005

Cover Trouble in the AirTrouble in the Air
Global Warming and the Privatised Atmosphere

Edited by Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada
TNI/Centre for Civil Society (Durban), November 2005

Trading the Absurd
CTW, November 2005
Report and filmed testimonies from Carbon Trade Watch expose fundamental problems with the carbon market Raised Voices

Press Release 28 June 2005