Cashing in on Catastrophe book meets fundraising goal

10 September 2013

Thanks to your support, we met our target and raised 10,000 euros for this crucial book that tells the hidden story of the corporations and military seeking to cash in on climate chaos, and puts forward peoples' alternatives for a liveable future.

Funding update - 28 October 2013

Thanks to your support, we are fairly sure we met our goal of 10,000 euros for the book just minutes before the deadline finished. Some of the money was paid directly to indiegogo,  some sent via cheques or bank transfers, and other amounts of money promised that we hope will come in over this week.

As Ben Hayes, co-editor of the book said: "What i never imagined is what an incredibly humbling and uplifting experience[ crowdfunding this book] would be. It's not just that nearly 200 people chipped in the 10k we need. Or that my nearest and dearest showed me so much love. It's also reconnected me to good friends i'd long lost touch with, some of whose generosity literally moved me to tears. And then there's the massive goodwill - the shares, the likes, the tweets, the messages of support; people writing in to offer their services as proofreaders, editors and translators; coming on board as a co-publisher, offers from Spain and Russia to publish the thing there, opendemocracy seeking an editorial partnership etc. All pretty amazing."

If you want to help us be doubly-sure we did it - and enable us to have even more impact with this book, than we still welcome donations. Please donate using a credit card on this website or email nick AT to find out how to make a bank transfer. 

What will we do with any extra money?

If we raise more than 10,000 Euros, our plan is to:

  • develop a more indepth (30 minute) video feature on the analysis of the book
  • improve the website/blog to feature regular analysis on the issues, with capacity for maintenance, web editing and commissioning papers
  • promote the book at key meetings of civil society such as the World Social Forum and environmental meetings such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) summits


Dear friends of TNI,

I am writing to ask you to please contribute to a very important TNI book project called Cashing in on Catastrophe: climate change, corporations and security states. It is a searing expose of how military planners and corporations are gearing up to profit from climate change. It also shares the inspiring stories of popular movements engaged in just solutions for sharing our food, water, energy and building dignified livelihoods in a climate-changed world.

It is a crucial book for difficult times but it won't happen without your support.

See this appeal on film and donate here:

I work on communications for TNI and the idea for the book came three years ago after I attended the UN climate summit at Copenhagen. My daughter at the time was one-year old and I was deeply aware that her future was at stake. There was huge expectation that the world's leaders gathered there would heed the warnings of scientists and make a real commitment to move our world towards a low carbon future. But the opposite happened. We instead are heading in the wrong direction. I came back deeply depressed at what this would mean for my children and their generation.

But it also led me realise that the world's most powerful corporate and political leaders do not intend to stop climate change-- they plan to control it.

So together with TNI fellow Ben Hayes, an expert in the EU security industry, we began to examine the military, security and special interests that are already mapping out our future. As climate change hits home, their agenda is not one of how to protect the vulnerable, nor how to put the common welfare of people at the heart of decisions. Instead they are looking at how to secure control of resources and profit from climate change.

In 2010, for example the Pentagon started organising war games to look at how they could maintain "domestic order amid civil unrest” as a result of climate change. A year later, arms companies, such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Thales at a conference breathlessly welcomed “what looks set to become its most significant adjacent market since the strong emergence of the civil/homeland security business almost a decade ago.” In the last few months, we have seen how the US and many EU countries have established an unparalleled surveillance system, supposedly targeted at terrorism but one that can equally be used to control populations.

With TNI's support, we've pulled together some of the best analysts, writers and activists around the world to:

  • look into what the military and corporations are planning;
  • examine how their actions will affect our basic necessities such as food and water at a time of climate change;
  • and present how popular social movements suggest these resources can be shared and used in a just manner

An exciting number of prestigious authors came on board the project – from renowned TNI fellow Susan George to journalist Christian Parenti to Nigerian activist and writer Nnimmo Bassey. Their contributions have created the best compilation of progressive analysis on the militarisation of climate change.

See this appeal on film and donate here:

We have made great progress in getting the research together, but we now desperately need 10,000 Euros to get the book out and publicised. That money will help pay for copy editing, layout, formatting and design, and some marketing and media work to promote the book so that it gets the publicity it deserves.

I am sure you get a lot of financial requests from all sorts of groups that deserve it, but I hope you will be willing to chip in some money for this project. Any donation from 5 Euros upwards could help us reach our goal. By making a contribution, you will also get exclusive updates on the project (and a whole range of other perks!) and therefore become part of the team that shapes this project and brings it to fruition..

You can find out more, watch a video appeal and donate at

Thanks in advance for your support! Please contact me with any ideas or suggestions as we complete this timely and critical project.

Best wishes,

Nick Buxton
Communications Manager, TNI