China’s New Role in Africa and the South: A search for a new perspective

01 May 2007
This discussion was held in the shadow of this year's African Development Bank Group, which held its Annual Meeting in Shanghai from May 11 to 18. The event brought together concerned researchers and campaigners from civil society organizations and institutions from within and outside China to discuss and analyze China's new role in the South and the global system with Africa as a focus of study. Given the myriad of literatures available now that are discussing China's purported emergence as a new economic and political superpower, it is of great importance to look at the issues involved with a fuller and more nuanced understanding of the country's geo-political positioning in Africa and within the South. Such understanding also touches on the increasing competition between China and the older industrialized countries. The discussions and workshops identified possible arenas and strategies for intervention and influence from which to build future cooperative and solidarity endeavors between Chinese civil society and international groups. Participants came from organizations that are focused on themes that concern development, environment, social justice, operations of international financial institutions and their impacts to local communities. Click here for the programme Some of the papers presented: Globalization and China's Renaissance: A New Powershift? - Dr. Walden Bello China\'s New Role as Global Investor (PDF) - Mr. Peter Bosshard, International Rivers Network China\'s New Role in the African Development Bank (PDF) - Ms. Nikki Reisch, Bank Information Centre - Africa Human Rights, Trade and Investment and the China-in-Africa Discourse (PDF) - Dr. Barry Sautman, Hong Kong University of Science and technology China and its Neighbors - Ms. Dorothy Guerrero, Focus on the Global South Expediency and Interests in Contemporary China-Myanmar Relations (PDF) - Dr. Khin Zaw Win and Yuza Maw Htoon (Burma)