For a Citizen’s Trade Agenda

16 December 2014

'This is a fight we can win' says Susan George as she delivered the opening speech during the GUE/NLG meeting against TTIP.

On 9 December a conference was attended by activists, parliamentarians and trade unionists from both sides of the Atlantic, discussing trade agreements; 'STOP TTIP, CETA, TISA For a citizen’s trade agenda"

The complete session of the parliamentary group can be viewed here. (available in multiple languages)

Susan George starts her speech at 10:00 stating the TTIP is dangerous and must be refused absolutely and in its entirety. It is a case of the people vs. the transnational corporations, and it is a fight we can win, if we can make TTIP public enough.

A petition rejecting the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) agreement gathered over a million signatures, opponents to the project gathered in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss tactics on how to put an end to the ongoing negotiations between the commission and the US.


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