Civil society in the debate on drugs

Drugs and Democracy in Uruguay
01 January 2010

Several civil soeity initiatives take part in the drug legislation process in Uruguay

Regulación Responsable, a platform of citizens and civil society organisations that have supported the initiative to regulate marijuana in Uruguay right from the start, has been very active in disseminating information about the social, health and economic benefits of regulation. Opinion leaders, advocates from the realms of culture, academia, health and law, and individuals from a wide range of different sectors are involved in this initiative. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the former president of Brazil and current executive director of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, has publicly expressed his support for this platform.

In July 2013, shortly before the vote in the House of Representatives to decide on the cannabis regulation bill, more than one hundred civil society organisations from around the world gave their backing to the bill in an open letter.

After the cannabis law was approved, growers set up the Uruguayan National Federation of Cannabis Growers as an umbrella organisation for marijuana producers. People who choose to grow their own plants at home, those who wish to set up membership clubs, and people interested in growing cannabis to be sold in pharmacies are eligible to join this federation. 

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