European Union

23 December 2005

The Struggle for Europe's Soul March 2007
Oscar Reyes
The European Union (EU) marks its 50th birthday this month with no solution in sight to revive the stalled constitutional treaty. But with a raft of new proposals to further liberalise markets, it is too soon for the left to celebrate, argues Oscar Reyes

Whose Europe? Our Europe October 2006
Susan George
Despite its imperfections, the European social model is worth fighting for as a counterpoint to neoliberal ideology, writes Susan George

Another Europe is Possilbe
Ideas for a New Europe

The Constitutional Treaty, which the German EU Presidency is now determined to put back on the agenda, presents market solutions as the only viable ones for a Europe, further threatening the continent’s already eroded welfare systems. Europe needs democratisation, argues Willem Bos, in this pamphlet produced for the Dutch coalition, of which TNI is a member.

Economic Security and Social Rights 5 September 2006
By Susan George
Speaking at the Asia-Europe People’s Forum in Helsinki, Susan George stressed the threat to the European social model, a result of generations of struggle, but is threatened by neoliberal policies in the EU and globally. It is impossible for Europe to compete with China and other low-wage, but high-skill, high-tech countries. Asia-Europe relations must be based on cooperation rather than competition if a race to the bottom on wages and social welfare standards is to be avoided.

The Betrayal of Social Europe June 2006
By Susan George
By embracing neo-liberalism as its guiding principle, the EU has chosen to sacrifice social cohesion to market-oriented ‘solutions’. The European Constitutional Treaty (ECT) was an attempt to set this direction in stone, but was rightly rejected by the people of France and the Netherlands, leaving Europeans with a slim chance to shape their future in a more positive direction. In her contribution to the encounter “What course for Europe,” Susan George analyses the undemocratic process by which the ECT was drafted, and its neo-liberal content, which would move Europe towards social dislocation. She goes on to outline several measures for the construction of what she calls a Europe of the Common Good.

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