First Harvest

17 November 2005
Cover First Harvest

First Harvest
The Institute for Policy Studies, 1963-83
Edited by John S. Friedman
Preface by Gore Vidal
Introduction by John S. Friedman
Grove Press Inc, New York 1983
ISBN: 0 394 62491 2

From the cover

In 1963, two of Kennedy's advisors, Marcus Raskin and Richard Barnet, opposed to the disproportionate influence of the military, resigned from the government and formed an independent think tank. During the last two decades, their Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has drawn like a beacon and nurtured leading writers, artists, intellectuals committed to passionate scholarship and social activism. This unique source book reflects the depth and diversity of the institute - from essays and fiction to film - and serves as an indispensable reader on the left of the last twenty years.

Despite frequent government harassment, the institute has flourished as an influential center and taproot for the anti-war and civil rights movements, the women's movement, nuclear disarmament, and the causes of human rights and economic equality around the world.

To read this collection is a reminder, sometimes painful, of how perceptive IPS has been on the important issues of our time - Seymour Hersh, author of "The Price of Power. Kissinger in the Nixon White House.


  1. Part One: Human Rights and the World Economic Order
    • John Dinges and Saul Landau, An act of terror
      from Assassination on Embassy Row
    • Orlando Letelier Chile: Economic Freedom and Political Repression
    • John Berger, Redemption Songs
    • Peter Weiss, Human Rights and Vital Needs
    • Isabel Letelier, Introduction to "Chile: A Report to the Freedom to Write Committee"
    • Richard J. Barnet, Preface to "Workers Against the Gulag"/li>
    • Richard J. Barnet and Ronald E. Möller, From Globaloney to the Global Shopping Center
    • Susan George, Scholarship, Power and Hunger
    • Eqbal Ahmad, The Neo-Fascist State: Notes on the Pathology of Power in the Third World
  2. Part Two: Foreign Policy: Confronting the National Security State
    • Leo Szilard, "Minimal Deterrent" vs Saturation Parity
    • Marcus G. Raskin, The Megadeath Intellectuals
    • Richard J. Barnet, Challenging the Myths of National Security
    • Mary Kaldor, Disarmament: The Armament Process in Reverse
    • Robert Borosage, The Lawless State
    • Marcus G. Raskin and Bernard B. Fall, The Issues at Stake, From The Viet-Nam Reader
    • Richard J. Barnet, A Generation of Peace? From Roots of War
    • Michael Klare, The Assualt on the "Vietnam Syndrome"
      Excerpted from Beyond the Vietnam Syndrome
    • Elizabeth Becker, Indochina Stalemate: Pol Pot's Legacy
    • Cynthia Arnson, Conclusion to El Salvador: A Revolution Confronts the US
    • Fred Halliday, Patterns of Soviet Policy
      From Soviet Policy in the Arc of Crisis
    • I.F. Stone, The Other Zionism
  3. Part Three: Transforming America
    • Robert Parris Moses, Mississippi: 1961-1962
    • Roger Wilkins, Firing a Nation's Conscience
    • Charlotte Bunch, The Reform Tool Kit
    • Barbara Ehrenreich and Karin Stallard, The Nouveau Poor
    • Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello, The Shared Experience
    • Dan Moldea, Death Comes to the Wizard
    • Marcus G. Raskin, Introduction to The Federal Budget and Social Reconstruction
    • Chester Hartman, Housing
    • David Morris and Karl Hess. Neighborhoods: The Space to Be
    • Christopher Jencks and David Riesman, The University College
    • Gar Alperovitz, Notes Toward a Pluralist Commonwealth
    • Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, A Movement Strategy to Transform the Democratic Party
  4. Part Four: Culture and Reconstructive Knowledge
    • Paul Jacobs, Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang
    • Saul Landau, The Truth Lies on the Cutting Room Floor
    • Ariel Dorfman, Oedipus Among the Missing
    • John Berger, Hiroshima - A Portrait of Evil
    • Marcus G. Raskin, Sartre: A Life in History
    • John Berger, The Production of the World
    • Rita Mae Brown, Rubyfruit Jungle
    • Paul Goodman, Sciences and Professions
    • Arthur I. Waskow, From Jewish Radical to Radical Jew
    • Marcus G. Raskin, Introduction to Being and Doing