International Call Cumbre de los Pueblos 2013

People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and in Defense of the Commons
23 January 2013

Between the 26th and 28th of January 2013, the CELAC Summit (EU-LAC) will be held in Santiago, Chile. A Peoples Summit will be held in parallel from 25-27th of January.

The participating governments have decided to put investments as main theme of the meeting in Santiago, using the title "Alliance for Sustainable Development : Promoting Investments of Social and Environmental Quality".

We have coordinated ourselves with the social, political and trade union organizations that we have been involved with in previous people’s summits and in multiple social forums, so that alongside the official meetings, in the Summit of the Peoples, the demands and proposals of the mobilized peoples fighting neoliberal policies that seek to annihilate their rights in both regions, will be heard.

We call on all social, popular and political movements of Chile and of both continents to join the People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe in January 2013 in Santiago of Chile, so that the right demands can be heard and their fights and resistances to unjust policies that are imposed to them can find a place for the construction of alternatives.

The People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and Defense of Common Goods will take place in the midst of a global economic and financial crisis without precedent since the thirties of the last century. Those sectors that generated it and became rich intend to charge it to the peoples, imposing them some tremendous social and democratic regressions. The policies of "austerity", now also in the Eurozone, as well as the political developments in Latin America and the rest of the world require a unitary response of our peoples and a radically alternative exit to the renewal and the strengthening of the current neoliberal model. This historic moment also requires to thoroughly review the relations between both continents.

The People’s Summit of Santiago is a Summit of the Peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and Defense of our Commons. It is an important opportunity to question the different dimensions of the crisis and the governmental attempts to use the European investments in Latin America as a way out of it, in the exact moment in which our peoples are rebelling against the extractive, inequitable and predatory model. We need to assess the effects of such investments and more widely of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA), especially for its predator character of the social rights, the environment and working conditions, and for worsening the tremendous social inequality that devastates our societies. The peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe say no to these FTAs, we demand that are renegotiated those in force and to stop the negotiation or ratification of the others, until the peoples are properly consulted about the type of relations bi-continental that they want to establish to serve their interests, and not those of the investors and multinational companies.

The undersigned organizations call to build a new kind of relation between  Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, based on equality, decolonization, the primacy of the rights of citizenship instead of the profits of multinational corporations, and respect for the sovereignty and the rights of the nations. We do not accept that the crisis triggered by the multinational financial system serves to promote social regressions to the detriment of the rights and the welfare of the peoples. In this People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and Defense of our Common we demand to stop the politics of adjustment and their "austerity" and to redefine the global financial architecture.

In the People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and Defense of our Commons the People’s Movements of our two continents demand social justice and an alternative model that fully guarantees political, democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

Parallel to the official meetings, the People’s Summit will be the legitimate reflection of the struggles, resistances and demands of our peoples for alternatives to neoliberalism, patriarchy, colonialism and the destruction of the environment for the profit of the few. The People’s Summit will be developed for social and environmental justice, solidarity and unity among the peoples of Latin America and Europe, the defense of our commons and the rejection of the commercialization of the nature and life.

The themes must include our vision on the model of the society we want, democracy and citizen participation, human rights, the recognition of our lands of origin, women and the diversity of the sectors we represent, the common goods, the nature and Mother Earth, integration, trade and investment,  democratization of communications, global governance and governing model.

Besided with the main topics there will be room for self-organized activities to emerge from the participating organizations.

The Summit of the Peoples, our summit, will be the alternative space in which the energies, strengths and needs of our peoples will be expressed.

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Redes y organizaciones de Chile

ACCION - Chile

Agencia de Noticias Medio a Medio

Amerindia Chile

Asociación Chilena de Voluntarios

Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas - ANAMURI

Asamblea Ciudadanos Cono Sur-Chile

Alianza Social Continental - Capítulo Chile

Alianza Social Continental - Comité de Mujeres - Chile

Brigada Salvador Allende, BRISA

Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo


Coalición Ecuménica por el Cuidado de la Creación

CODEPU - Chile

Colectivo Andamios

Colectivo VientoSur

Comando Amplio de Solidaridad con Cuba

Comisión Chilena de Derechos Humanos Valparaiso

Comisión Ética Contra la Tortura

Comunidad Ecuménica Martin Luther King

Comité de Reencuentro Chileno Boliviano

Comité Vecinal Altos del Maipo


Corporación Programa La Caleta

Corporación Urracas

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores CUT - Chile

Central Autónoma de Trabajadores CAT - Chile

Defendamos la ciudad

ECO Educación y Comunicaciones


Federación de Estudiantes Universidad Católica de Chile – FEUC

Foro Nacional de Educación de Calidad para Todos - Chile

Frente Amplio Maipú

Instituto de Ciencias Alejandro Lipschutz ICAL

Izquierda ciudadana

Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres - Chile

Movilizándonos por una Cultura integral de Derechos de Niñas, Niños y adolescentes en Chile Observadores DDHH

Observatorio Ciudadano

Observatorio por el Cierre de la Escuela de las Américas - Chile

Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales, OLCA - Chile

Partido de Izquierda - PAIZ

Prensa Independiente

Red Economía Solidaria Santiago de Chile

Red Lamyc-Red ONGs infancia y juventud Chile

Sindicato Sutra

Talleres Sindicales

Unión Nacional Estudiantil (UNE)

Redes y organizaciones de América Latina y el Caribe

Alianza Social Centroamérica

Alianza Social Continental

Amigos de la Tierra América Latina y el Caribe - ATALC

Articulación de los Movimientos Sociales hacia el ALBA

Asociacion Raxch’och’ Oxlaju Aj (AROAJ) de Guatemala

ATTAC – Argentina

Centro Martin Luther King - Cuba

Comité de Solidaridad con Palestina

Comité por la Anulación de la Deuda Tercer Mundo Abya Yala Nuestra América / CADTM – AYNA

COMPA, Convergencia de Movimientos Sociales de las Américas


Ecuador Decide

Encuentro Nacional Popular Latinoamericano

Fundación Heinrich Böll Cono Sur

Jubileo Sur / Américas

Mujeres Por Mexico

Plataforma Nacional de Mujeres Ecuatorianas

Plataforma Sudamericana - Colectivo Diversidad Cultural

REBRIP - Red Brasilera por la Integración de los Pueblos

Red Caribe de Usuarios de Servicios Públicos

Red Colombiana de Derechos Humanos

Red Latinoamericana sobre Deuda, Desarrollo y Derechos (LATINDADD)

Red Mexicana de Acción frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC)

Alianza Mexicana por la Autodeterminación de los Pueblos (AMAP)

REDES-AT Uruguay

Redes y organizaciones de Europa

ACDA – Action et Coopération pour le Développement dans les Andes-Bélgica

ATTAC - France

CNCD/11.11.11 – Bélgica

CIFCA (Red Europea)

CIF-Santiago 2013-Francia

Comité por los derechos humanos "Daniel Gillard", Bruselas

Dynamo international

Ecologistas en Acción-Ekologistak Martxan-Ecologistes en Acció, Estado español

Espaces Marx (Francia)

FDCL - Centro de Investigación y Documentación Chile-América Latina (Berlin, Alemania)

Francia América Latina (Francia)

M3M - Médecine pour le Tiers Monde

Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización (ODG), Estado español

Observatorio de Multinacionales en América Latina - Paz con Dignidad

Partido de la Refundación Comunista- Izquierda Europea Italia

Soldepaz. Pachakuti - Estado Español

Solidaridad Suecia América Latina (SAL)

Tierra de Hombres de Alemania

Transform (red europea)

Redes y organizaciones internacionales

Amigos de la Tierra Internacional – ATI

Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres

Movimiento Diálogos Apostólicos

Red Birregional Europa, América Latina y el Caribe Enlazando Alternativas

Seattle-to Brussels Network

Teología Liberación (salud mental en A.L.)

Transnational Institute (TNI)