Join us at the Asia-Europe Peoples Forum in Laos

AEPF9 Call for Participation
27 April 2012

A call to social movements, frontline communities and campaigning networks, and progressive NGOs, academics and parliamentarians across Asia and Europe.

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On 5-6 November, 2012 the 9th Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM9) will take place in Vientiane, Lao PDR. Under the theme ‘Friends for Peace, Partners for Prosperity’, leaders of 49 member states and governments in Asia and Europe will exchange views, priorities and plans on regional and global issues that are of common interest to both regions at the summit.


Prior to and in conjunction with ASEM9, the Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF9) will hold its 9th biennial People’s Forum on 16-19 October, 2012 under the title:

‘People’s Solidarity against Poverty and for Sustainable Development: Challenging Unjust and Unequal Development, Building States of Citizens for Citizens’.


AEPF9 will tackle four major themes or People’s Visions, which represent AEPF hopes for citizens of ASEM member countries and the communities they live in:

  • Universal Social Protection and Access to Essential Services; 
  • Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Management; 
  • Sustainable Energy Production and Use; 
  • and Just Work and Sustainable Livelihoods.

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