Kentucky Fried Education: The Market Assault on Reason

02 June 2010

In April 2010, UK Middlesex University decided to close down Philosophy. Ever since, students and staff, and thousands of their supporters, have been battling to save it.

We’re very pleased to announce that the writer and activist Tariq Ali is coming to the saveMDXphil occupation this Saturday 15 May, 3:30pm, to speak on the struggle against neo-liberalism in higher education. Tariq Ali is an editor of the New Left Review and was a leading light of the 1968 radical student movement.

This event took place outside the Mansion Building, as public access to the building had been denied. Shortly before the talk the remaining students vacated the building to join the crowd outside and to hear Tariq Ali speak.


Listen to Tariq Ali's speech Kentucky Fried Education (mp3)