Linking Alternatives

01 August 2006
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Linking Alternatives Enlazando Alternativas
Vienna, Austria, 10-13 May 2006

Enlazando Alternativas/Linking Alternatives 2
Civil society activists from the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Vienna from 10-13 May for Enlazando Alternativas 2, a Social Encounter on "Linking Alternatives in a new era of Europe-Latin America relations" held in parallel to a Heads of States and Governments Summit. A People’s Tribunal indicted several European-based transnational corporations for "legal and moral injustices" committed in Latin America.

Key documents

Final declaration of EA2 Declaración final, EA2 Déclaration finale, EA2

Permanent Peoples Tribunal Indictment Vienna, May 10-12, 2006 [English] [Pdf format]

Acusacion Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos Viena, Mayo 10-12, 2006 [Spanish] [Pdf format]

Erklärung der Jury des Permanentes Tribunal der Völker Wien, Mai 10-12, 2006 [German]

Introduction to the Permanent People's Tribunal [PDF document]

Call to Vienna [PDF] - Convocatoria a Viena [PDF] - Convocation pour Vienne [PDF] - Aufruf Nach Wien [PDF] - Appello per Vienna [PDF] -


Susan George Declaration of the Jury Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Paris, 13 May 2006

Remaking the Washington Consensus in Vienna: The EU free trade agenda for Latin America. TNI Discussion paper, May 2006 [pdf, English]

Official Conclusions Summit of the Heads of State and Government from EU and Latin America and the Carribean

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Full radio coverage of Enlazando Alternativas 2

Speaches President of Bolivia Evo Morales and President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez during Closing Act Enlazando Alternativas 2 (Vienna, 13th May, 2006)

Evo Morales speech [audio, Spanish]

Hugo Chavez speech [audio, Spanish]

In the media


MEDIA ADVISORY: Alternative Summit Challenges EU-LAC Heads of States to "Stop Neo-liberalism by the Backdoor" 2 May 2006
NOTA DE PRENSA: Una cumbre alternativa insta a los Jefes de Estado UE-ALC a "acabar con el neoliberalismo encubierto" 2 de mayo de 2006
NOTA À IMPRENSA: Uma Cúpula alternativa insta aos Chefes de Estado UE-América Latina e Caribe a acabarem com o neoliberalismo implícito 2 de maio 2006
MEDIA TOELICHTING: Alternatieve bijeenkomst draagt staatshoofden EU en Latijns Amerika op "neoliberalisme via de achterdeur" te stoppen 2 mei 2006