Message from Tamil Nadu

10 March 2010

The video shows the journey that the Change Management Group (CMG) of Water and Food sector officials and local communities have taken to democratise the water sector and work towards collaborative community water management. Today, their work continues, involving more and more actors and participants.

Mr. Vibhu Nayar, I.A.S and the Change management team in Tamil Nadu, India produced this video message (15 mins) to the participants of the Reclaiming Public Water Global seminar in Brussels (1-3 February 2010).

Mr. Vibhu Nayar says, "The Change Management Group has come together to launch the Center of Excellence for Change (CEC). On behalf of thousands of engineers and officials in Tamil Nadu in the water sector, and millions of farmers and community members in Tamil Nadu who are collaborating with these officials, to invite you to this journey, working towards bringing changes in the way we handle water and in the way provide water. I am sure you won't hesitate in providing your knowledge, experiences and more importantly your ideas to the center." From the leaflet of The Center of Excellence for Change (CEC) '....

The change process that was initiated by them in 2003 led to the formation of a Change Management Group in August 2004 which spearheaded the establishment of a paradigm shift in Water Governance in the various organisations of the State of Tamil Nadu, India. A natural progression of this thought was to coalesce these islands of excellence into a single entity which provides the platform, space and the number to advocate a new paradigm in Drinking water, Water Resources and Food production sectors. Thus evolved The Center of Excellence for Change (CEC) formally registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. CEC is a coalition of Government officials, water professionals and social scientists leading a citizen water movement in India'. Also visit