Multi-media info tour exhibition

20 March 2007

The multimedia Info Tour exhibition is a collection of photos and interviews which aim to create space and a voice for people directly effected by the industries, governments, multinationals, IFI's and NGOs.

The research was conducted in March and April of 2003. The Multimedia exhibition consists of photographs, interviews, slides, an audio instillation, films and written materials.

The photography component of the exhibition is a collection of 32 black and white pictures of people living and resisting the expanse of eucalyptus monoculture. Each person was interviewed and asked to share their experience of living next to or surrounded by eucalyptus. Interviews took place in Indigenous communities, MST camps, small farming communities, Afro-Brazilian communities, and inside the plantations.

The purpose is to provide a backdrop in order to build solidarity with Brazilians, resist expanding tree monoculture worldwide, increase awareness to the consequences of emissions trading, CDM and JI, and to provide a framework for people who have never been consulted to be seen and heard. Photo exhibition Press release Further information