New website and new house style

05 July 2015

The Transnational Institute has a new website. On top of that we also introduce a new design and house style!

Logo Transnational Institute
Logo Transnational Institute
We decided we needed to revamp the old TNI logo and style. There was room for improvement and it was long overdue. It seemed that the only consistent visual clue that something was from TNI was our logo. We concluded we needed stronger, more consistent designs.

A crucial and difficult element in the process was finding a new logo. It took us some time and was not without some frustrations, as is apparently normal in these processes.

None the less, after an initial good idea from Evan Clayburg, we managed to redesign and refine a new logo for TNI. From this logo we have derived stationery and the basic rules that will guide design of our outputs in the future. We are very happy to have retained the distinctive TNI colour.

(You can send your feedback on the housestyle to

As part of this redesign process, we have also developed a new website for TNI, because we needed to upgrade from drupal 6 to drupal 7.

The new website is focused mostly around a 'responsive' design. This will make it easier accessable for our audience, who increasingly visit our website through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

We also tried to improve clarity and readability on the website, choosing a design that uses a lot of white space, fonts well known for their rendering qualities and using larger images.

The third main element of the redesign was emphasis on the greater context in which our publications are produced. Linking older and relevant content to new outputs and by creating 'collections' (example: ISDS) of information around a certain subject or issue.

We think to have migrated all the old content. It's possible you can't find some items on the new website where you used to find them. I invite you to explore the website through the improved search. If you still have trouble finding important content please send and e-mail to

A next step will be to integrate  the 'satelite-sites' and into our new website.

The design has been done by Paul de Jong (Rotterdam).
The website has been built by Limoengroen, drupal experts (Amsterdam).
The migration of the databases of the old websites has been done by ifrik and ekes (Amsterdam).

I am very grateful for their expertise, collaboration and assistance (and supportive, soothing words) during these last months as we worked together on this adventure.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the volunteers who last Friday helped me with the crazy task of checking and translating and generally improving the new website. A special thanks also to Albi for assisting with the DNS-stuffs and civimail.