NO to the EU - Colombia/Peru Free Trade Agreement

27 April 2012

Call on your MEP to oppose EU's proposed Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Peru and Central America because they will undermine human rights, increase unemployment and put corporate profits above human needs.


TNI is working with a coalition of organizations to oppose the ratification of Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Peru and Central America for the following principal reasons:

  • The substantial differences in the economies and living standards between Europe and Central America, Colombia and Peru will mean that the EU, can impose conditions beneficial to their own interests, by imposing regulations that restrict the policy space for countries to define their own development model.
  • These agreements will further entrench the role of Latin American countries as providers of raw materials for export, with serious consequences, including environmental and social factors that have not been taken into account.
  • These agreements place emphasis on the protection of privileges for business at the expense of human rights, which means that the provisions contained in the agreements on human rights are inadequate and have little chance of being implemented.
  • European citizens have been misinformed about the development of these negotiations and we have not been consulted about whether this is the kind of business relationship we are interested in developing with these countries.

 Join our campaign to tell our European parliamentary representatives: ‘In my name, don’t ratify’.