Paper: Political guarantees needed before nationwide ceasefire

04 December 2013
In the media

A briefing paper that came out late October has recommended that political guarantees are necessary "before permanent ceasefire and a nationwide peace can truly be declared."

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Shan Herald

The 20 page paper, jointly published by Transnational Institute (TNI) and Burma Centrum Nederland (BCN), was distributed at a quiet seminar in Bangkok held last month.

"There have been too many disappointments and injustices in Burma's past for simple optimism now," reads its page-2.

The suggestion coincided with the 11 point common position by the ethnic armed organizations at the 30 October-2 November Laiza conference, that had called for, among others:

  • Adherence to the Panglong Agreement signed in 1947 that had united the then lowland Burma with the then Frontier Areas
  • Convening a national conference based on the spirit and principles of Panglong
  • Ratification and implementation of the accord reached (at the national conference)

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