Pax Americana?

17 November 2005
Cover Pax Americana

Pax Americana?
Hegemony or Decline
Jochen Hippler
TNI/Pluto Press, 1994

What is the New World Order? To President Bush, it offered a convenient justification for Western intervention in the Gulf, proclaiming a better and fairer world in which international law would be upheld. Bush's declaration may have been little more than a public relations exercise, but it remains true that the certainties of the old order have vanished. It becomes more important than ever that we understand the shifting contours of the new order. In this timely study, Jochen Hippler reconsiders the ideology and the reality of the so-called New World Order, and puts the current restructuring into a broader and more meaningful context.
"Pax Americana?" offers no global models. Nor does it attempt to suggest concrete proposals for political action. It provides, instead (and more importantly) a firm basis for meaningful discussion and greater understanding of the global changes that affect us all.