Peasants Beyond Protest in Central America

Challenges for ASOCODE Strategies towards Europe
17 November 1994
Central American peasant organisations in the 1990s entered a new dynamic of engagement after decades of civil wars that included developing alternative proposals for development, regional networking, and holding direct talks with governments and the European Community.

Peasants beyond Protest reviews the constructive proposals on political and socioeconomic alternatives presented by ASOCODE. This regional platform of small agricultural producers is putting forward fresh approaches on agrarian policy, peasant alliances and development cooperation to international fora. How successful are these efforts? What is the European response? Is a new dimension emerging in European-Central American relations?

Central American researchers and peasant leaders contributed to Peasants beyond Protest, as part of a unique joint research project between TNI, CRIES (Nicaragua) and ASOCODE. Participants include Wilson Campos, Edelberto Torres Rivas, Eduardo Baumeister, Isabel Román, Salvador Arias and José Antonio Sanahuja.

One of the editors has scanned his copy of the book and offers all chapters free to download here:

Cover and Contents

1. Introduction: Peasants beyond Protest in Central AMerica - Kees Biekart, Martin Jelsma

2. Asocode: Our View on Development - Wilson Campos

3. Peasant Organsation in Central America: Taking the Path towards the Future - Isabel Román

4. Democracy and the Peasants - Edelberto Torres-Rivas

5. Agrarian Structures and Small Producers: Review and Prospects - Eduardo Baumeister

6. Asocode: Challenges and Perspectives for the Central American Peasant Movement - Jorge Hernández

7. Peasant Agriculture ande Development Alternatives - Salvador Arias, Roberto Rodrígues

8. Relations between the European Community and Central America in the 1990s: Continuity, Reactivation or Change? - José Antonio Sanahuja

9. San José X: An Opportunity for All of Us - Concertacíon, Asocode, Cifca

10. "We don't need all those NGOs" Interview with Wilson Campos




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