Peoples Summit Rio +20

The 2012 Edition
15 June 2012

TNI will be attending the Peoples Summit at Rio+20 and organising workshops on investment and energy. The Peoples Summit  is organised by social movements from all over the world and will be held at the Aterro do Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro, during the official Rio+20 Summit (UNCSD) from June 15-23.

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Why do we need a Peoples Summit?

Rio+20 marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio 92 or Eco 92). The inability to tackle the issues of social and environmental injustice in these 20 years has caused frustration and a distrust with the official UN Summit to be able to provide for real answers to the environmental crisis. At the official Rio +20 Summit, the so-called 'Green Economy' is seen to be the solution to our problems, but as critics have shown, the privatisation of nature will not solve the crisis of the planet: it will only make it worse.

Relevant Publications of Transnational Institute

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The Green Economy: the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing
Edgardo Lander

The fundamental flaw at the heart of UNEP's report "Towards a Green Economy" is its failure to analyse the extraordinarily unequal power relations that exist in today’s world, and the interests at play in the operation of this global economic system.

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Transnational Capital vs People's Resistance

How does transnational capital function? Where does it operate? What globalised logic does it follow? What is the magnitude of its abuses and its social, economic and environmental irresponsibility? And what challenge do we see emerge for us, the people?

The latest edition of Latin America in Movement No 476 June 2012

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TNI Workshops & Events during Rio+20

TNI hosts and co organises a couple of workshops and events during the People's Summit

Toxic Tours

17 - 19 June
In the same city that promises to redefine the world's environmental milestones, a serious of mega projects are in place or being promoted in the opposite direction of the official discourse

Dangerous Weapons
How Transnational Corporations are using International Investment Rules to Undermine Social and Environmental Justice

Monday 18 June 11h30-13h30
Tent 21 Margarida Alves
Workshop Code: 29031


Relevant websites

  • The portal of the Peoples Summit Rio 20+
  • The official website here

Recommended articles and documents

Natuur is niet verhandelbaar (Dutch)
Pablo Solón interviewed by Trouw
Meer marktwerking in de natuur, luidt het devies van de milieutop in Rio de Janeiro. De Boliviaan Pablo Solón, voormalig ambassadeur bij de VN, walgt ervan. Volgens hem moeten we respectvoller omgaan met de natuur.

What is at stake?
Article on the Cupula dos povos website.
One month before the United Nations Conference Rio+20, peoples of the world don’t see any positive advances in the negotiation process going on within the Official Conference. Indeed, neither the balance of agreements concluded in Rio 92 nor the ways to work on the crises’ causes, have been discussed.  The discussions focus on a set of fake proposals called « Green economy » and on the implementation of a new international environmental governance, that would facilitate their setting-up.

The Key Issues 
By Martin Khor, Executive Director, South Centre
The biggest international event this year is the UN Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20 on 20-22 June. It was meant to celebrate the Earth Summit of 1992, to reaffirm the political commitments made then, and to come up with up-to-date action plans to counter the crises which have become much more serious than 20 years ago.
But the negotiations to produce an outcome document got bogged down with new concepts, especially the "green economy", and now the developed countries appear reluctant to a simple reaffirmation of the original Rio equity principle, or to re-commit to provide finance and technology transfer.
A big breakthrough to tackle the world's environmental and economic crises is now beyond the reach of the Rio+20 Summit. But it can still be a success if it reaffirms old commitments and launches new processes to strengthen institutions and to initiate new goals and action plans. This article summarises the key issues that are being fought over and that will have to be resolved at Rio+20.

Big business and the EU: painting the economy green
Corporate Europe Observatory
Highways cutting through protected nature areas in Europe? Privatised forests and ugly houses in what was until now a common area of natural beauty? As long as the company building it pays to 'protect' other area in a remote place. This is what biodiversity offsets are about. Just one of the things the European Commission is proposing together with business under the name of green economy.

Rio+20 Earth summit: leaked draft reveals conflict among countries
The Guardian
UN's vision for one deal to save the Earth is in peril as countries bicker over phrasing of clauses and key terms in the draft text

Río+20, repensando el desarrollo
Katu Arkonada
Hace 20 años, en junio de 1992, se celebró en Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, la Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo, también conocida como Cumbre de la Tierra. En la Cumbre de la Tierra participaron 172 gobiernos con presencia de 108 jefes de Estado y de Gobierno.

Rio+20 : from sustainable development to green economy, what is at stake ? which alternatives ?

What does mean moving from sustainable development to green economy? What is hidden behind this new concept of green economy: green growth? green capitalism? something else? What conclusions should we draw from these twenty years, while environmental degradation has accelerated, inequalities have widened and that democracies are being undermined?  Which alternatives?