Pinochet on Trial: Timeline

17 November 2002

Pinochet arrest and trial timeline.


22 September 1998

Pinochet arrives in London.

9 October 1998

Undergoes back surgery at the London Clinic near Harley Street.

14 October 1998

Magistrates court in Madrid contacts Metropolitan police via Interpol about Pinochet's presence in Britain. Provisional warrant issued.

16 October 1998

Pinochet arrested in his hospital bed.

19 October 1998

Chilean ambassador protests to Foreign Office.

21 October 1998

Tony Blair denies that Britain is acting for political reasons.

22 October 1998

Baroness Thatcher calls for Pinochet's immediate release. Second, more detailed, provisional arrest warrant issued.

25 October 1998

Group of Chilean immigrants in Sweden seek to have Pinochet charged with murder and kidnapping in Spain.

26 October 1998

New actions on Pinochet begin in Paris and Geneva.

27 October 1998

Britons are warned by the Foreign Office against travelling to Chile. A group of British-based Chilean exiles lodges a formal bid for him to be tried in Britain on torture charges.

28 October 1998

High Court rules that Pinochet's arrest was illegal. He remains in custody pending appeal to the House of Lords. Attorney-General John Morris refuses to give consent for him to be tried in Britain.

30 October 1998

Pinochet bailed on condition he remains under police guard at Grovelands psychiatric hospital in north London.

6 November 1998

Spain issues formal extradition request.

9 November 1998

Extracts from General Pinochet's Statement

11 November 1998

Request arrives on Jack Straw's desk.

25 November 1998

Law Lords allow extradition process.
Full text of The Judgments, House of Lords

1 December 1998

Pinochet retreats to luxury Wentworth estate.

9 December 1998

Jack Straw gives go-ahead for extradition bid.
Straw's Pinochet Decision

11 December 1998

Pinochet appears in court.

12 December 1998

Chile cuts contacts with UK.

17 December 1998

Pinochet gets new hearing.

18 January 1999

Law Lords in London open rehearing of Pinochet case.

4 February 1999

Pinochet hearing closes.

24 March 1999

Pinochet arrest upheld, but most charges are discarded.
Full text of The Judgments, House of Lords

28 March 1999

Spanish Judge adds charges against Pinochet.

14 April 1999

Jack Straw issues a second authority to proceed with the application for extradition.
Straw's Pinochet Decision

6 May 1999

Pinochet's lawyers challenge Straw's ruling.

4 June 1999

A British magistrate agrees to begin the extradition hearing on 27 September.

2 August 1999

Reports reveal that the Chilean government has been secretly negotiating with the Spanish to halt the extradition of Pinochet from Britain.

3 August 1999

Garzón demands an end to negotiations which could halt Pinochet's extradition.

4 September 1999

Chile formally asks Spain to accept arbitration in the Pinochet case.

14 September 1999

The Spanish government rejects an arbitration request from its Chilean counterpart.

21 September 1999

Britain turns down Chile's request to free Pinochet on humanitarian grounds.

27 September 1999

Trial opens for Pinochet in London with listing of 35 crimes.

30 September 1999

Formal extradition hearings close; Magistrate Bartle announces that he will give his verdict on 8 October.

8 October 1999

Magistrate Bartle verdict announced approving extradition.
Text of the Magistrate's Decision (English & Spanish)

14 October 1999

Chile makes representations to the Home Secretary suggesting that Pinochet's health has seriously deteriorated.

22 October 1999

Pinochet challenges the extradition order and a court is scheduled to hear his application for habeas corpus in March 2000.

5 January 2000

A panel of doctors appointed by the Home Secretary examines Pinochet.

11 January 2000

Straw rules Pinochet unfit to trial.
Full text of the Statement of the British Home Office (English and Spanish)
Full text of the Response from the Judicial Spanish Authorities in Spanish.

31 January 2000

Britain's High Court supports move to release Pinochet.

8 February 2000

Pinochet foes are granted appeal.

15 February 2000

British Court Orders disclosure of Pinochet's medical record.

16 February 2000

Confidential medical report leaked to newspapers in Chile and Spain.
Full text of The Leaked Medical Report in English and Spanish

2 March 2000

Pinochet set free
Straw's Pinochet Decision

May 2000

Defense presents case before Santiago Appeals Court

8 August 2000

Chilean Supreme Court strips Pinochet of immunity

1 December 2000

Judge Guzmán indicts Pinochet for Caravan of Death case

2 January 2001

Judge Guzmán orders new medical exams for Pinochet

30 January 2001

Pinochet under house arrest

1 February 2001

Pinochet Defense appeals indictment

8 March 2001

First Bench of Santiago Appeals Court decides to reduce charges against Pinochet

11 April 2001

Pinochet released on bail

9 July 2001

Santiago Appeals Court decides to suspend legal proceedings against Pinochet