01 February 2008
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Other resources on the United Nations and Harm Reduction

Relevant resources:

Open letter to the CND (pdf), signed by 334 organizations (including TNI) and individuals in 56 countries, March 1, 2005

US Ideologues Put Millions at Risk, International Herald Tribune, 5 March 2005, by Aryeh Neier

US Gag on Needle Exchange Harms UN AIDS Efforts. Before UN Narcotics Meeting, Groups in 56 Countries Assail US Tactics, Press release by Human Rights Watch, Open Society Institute and The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, New York, March 3, 2005 

An Overdose of Morality. American Strong-arm Tactics Threaten to Scupper Successful UN Harm Reduction Drug Programmes The Guardian, 3 March 2005, by Mike Trace and Ruth Runciman


HIV/AIDS at the 48th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), A Human Rights Watch Brief, February/March 2005 [PDF document]

Reason and Rights in Global Drug Control Policy Commentary, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1 March 2005
The Journal also devoted its editorial to HIV, harm reduction and human rights.


Deadly Ignorance, Editorial, The Washington Post, 27 February 2005