The road to Rio+20: The Green Economy Debate

TNI Fellows Meeting 2011
30 June 2011

June 2012 will see a 20 year review of the famous 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The buzzword for the Rio+20 conference is "green economy" but what does this mean in practice?

In June 2011, TNI brought together its Fellows and other activists and engaged academics to discuss critical global issues including the Arab Spring, the global resource grab and climate justice.

Critiquing the Green Economy

The talk may be of a "green economy" but the reality in Africa is of a new scramble for resources by former colonial powers and new emerging economies, with few benefits for the majority of Africans, says Yao Graham of the Third World Network.  >Watch video interview
Brian Ashley, editor of Amandla magazine in South Africa argues that the environmental crisis can not be separated from the economic crisis - which is why movements in South Africa are pushing a campaign for one million climate jobs. >Watch video interview
The replacement of sustainable development with the new concept of "green economy" reflects a major growth in corporate power since 1992 and a widespread acceptance in corporate solutions to the climate crisis despite their patent failure to deliver in recent decades.  >Watch video presentations
Gonzalo Berron, political advisor for the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas shares plans by Brazilian civil society for Rio+20, which will tap into growing national debate on the development path for the country >Watch video presentation

The first two video interviews are courtesy of Broker Online