TNI activities 2003

29 January 2004




See also TNI Annual Report 2003


14-15 December

Cover Drugs and Conflict in Myanmar

International conference Drugs and Conflict in Burma. Dilemma’s for Policy Responses organised by TNI with Burma Centre Netherlands, Amsterdam
In preparation of the seminar a new issue in TNI Briefing Series is published. A report of this conference Harm reduction for poppy farmers in Myanmar? appears in the AHRN (Asian Harm Reduction Network) Newsletter 34, April 2004 [PDF document].


8 December

Logo Right Livelihood Award

Walden Bello has been declared one of the "stars in our human cosmos" by the 2003 jury of the Right Livelihood Award, known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. The presentation ceremony of the 2003 Right Livelihood Awards took place with an overflow audience in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm on Monday 8th December. Walden's acceptance speech The Future in the Balance is available from TNI's site.


5-6 December


TNI Expert Seminar The Economic Impact of the Illicit Drug Industry Amsterdam. Full report available.


3 December


Americans for Peace Now, the Foundation for Middle East Peace, and the American Task Force for Palestine sponsor an open forum on The Geneva Accord. TNI advisor Peter Weiss attends.


21 November-7 December


An exhibition on pollution trading and climate change with films, audio, photographs & workshops
Langebrugsteeg 2, Amsterdam


5 November-19 December


TNI participated in an online discussion with Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation, Agnes van Ardenne, about the Africa Policy Paper Strong people, weak states. The goal of this paper is, in particular, to highlight the positive developments and to stimulate an open debate about the policy on Africa, Talking about Africa with Africans, building upon successes and starting dialogue from the point of interest of African people themselves. Each Monday morning for seven weeks a new topic of debate was launched on this website. After the Minister had the opportunity to set out her policy position, both Dutch people and Africans - including young people, non-profit (development) organisations, politicians and business - were challenged to give their own reaction.Summary of the discussion




Cover Where the Trees are a DesertNew report from Carbon Trade Watch Where the Trees are a Desert. Stories from the Ground by Carbon Trade.


15 November


Seminar In Search of Lost Democracy organised by TNI with Punto Rosso, Forum Mondial des Alternatives, Transform!, Terre des Hommes, Peoples' Law Project and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. ESF, Paris, France.


14 November


Conference The Pinochet Case. Lessons from a 30-Year Transnational Struggle Against Impunity organised by IPS and FLACSO-Chile, a meeting bringing together activists, NGOs, academics, lawyers, and journalists from the United States, Latin America, and Europe to discuss the lessons to be learned from the the international campaign to bring Pinochet to justice. Conference papers (Spanish as well as English) are available on TNI's website. Santiago, Chile.


14 November


Workshop NGOism. A Critical Enquiry organised by TNI and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. ESF, Paris, France.


13-14 November


Seminar Commercialisation vs Public Services, Round 3
Taking Action. The Role of Citizens. Campaign Strategies against the Privatisation of Water
organised by TNI with Public Services International, Women in Europe for a Common Future, Women in Development Europe, ATTAC-France, Amis de la Terre/FOE, L'Association pour le Contrat Mondial de l'Eau, Consommation Logement Cadre de Vie, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Mama 86 (Ukraine), Comité International pour le Contrat Mondial de l'Eau (Italy), Punto Rosso, CEO and Oxfam-Belgium. ESF, Paris, France. A report of the final session on campaign strategies against water Privatisation is available.


13 November


Seminar Cancún Express Derailed. Movements Challenge the EU Agenda in the WTO and Free Trade Agreements organised by TNI, Seattle to Brussels Network, ATTAC, CEO, Campaign for the Reform of the World Bank, World Development Movement, Focus on the Global South and RMALC. Speakers include Susan George, Clare Joy, Erik Wesselius, Antonio Ticarico, Marc Maes, Claudia Torrelli, Manuel Perez Rocha, Walden Bello and Nancy Kachingwe. ESF, Paris, France.


13 November


Seminar Transnational Migrant Workers and Social Organisation organised by TNI, RESPECT Europe-wide Network of Migrant Domestic Workers, Development Alternatives for Women in a New Era, Kalayaan, Tavolo Migranti dei social forum Italiani, Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers, Kein Mensch ist Illegal, Kanck Attak and Act-up. ESF, Paris, France.


13 November


Seminar The Right to Housing, Municipal Rights in Europe. Struggles, Analyses and Mobilisations ESF, Paris, France. A speech by TNI Fellow Hilary Wainwright on Rethinking Political Power in the 21st Century is available.




Hilary Wainwright presents her new book, Reclaim the State: Adventures in Popular Democracy, Amsterdam


16-18 October


Strategy Meeting onWater Privatisation in the South Amsterdam.


18 October


Public debate Struggles against Water Privatisation in the South Amsterdam, organised by TNI and CEO.


14 October


Peter Rosset from Food First talks on Post-Cancún and agriculture
Organised by TNI and XnimY
Venue: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Time: 20:00


10 October


Presentation of the new Drugs & Democracy publication, Forward Operating Locations in Latin America: Transcending Drug Control, Salon Latino, Amsterdam


9-12 October


TNI Fellows and staff participate at People's Assembly of the UN, sala dei Notari, Perugia, Italy. Citizens of the World will discuss Europe's global responsibilities after the War against Iraq
TNI Fellows and staff speak to Italian municipalities


16-18 September

Cartagena conference

TNI Energy Conference Environmental Rights and Human Rights Cartagena, Colombia.


14 September


Dear friend and TNI Advisor Xabier Gorostiaga died on 14 September 2003 in Loyola, Spain.


11-14 September


People's Forum on Alternatives to WTO Cancún, Mexico.


10-12 September


Cover The Pinochet AffairAs a contribution to the events in The Netherlands being organised to commemorate the 30th anniversary of General Pinochet's coup in Chile, TNI co-organises a number of public discussions with Roger Burbach, the author of a new TNI book The Pinochet Affair. Discussions are held at the Institute for Social Studies, The Hague, American Book Center and Latin American Centre in Amsterdam.


6 September


A Street Cinema for Water Solidarity, showing video: Solidarity and Crisis in Orange Farm, South Africa. Satoko Kishimoto (Japan) from TNI's Water Justice project , and Claudia Torrelli (Uruguay) from Sedes/CEO, spoke on Water Privatisation, Amsterdam.



Esmeralda Campaign

Preparations for activities on the event of the visit to Delfzijl harbour in the Netherlands of the Chilean torture vessel Esmeralda (by TNI, Amnesty and Chilean organisations) lead to the cancellation of the visit. The Esmeralda also had to take Sweden and Spain off its itinary. The Esmeralda was due to arrive in Delfzijl on 16 June, and was also invited for "DelfSail", to take place 10-14 July. Campaigns against the ship, which has a notorious history as "torture boat" under Pinochet's dictatorship, take place all over the world, and have led to cancellations in Peru, Ecuador and Panama earlier this year.


28 June

Achin Vanaik on the Peaceboat

TNI Fellow Achin Vanaik lectures on the Peaceboat Misuse of Language, Media and War.


27 June


Symposium The Economy of Arms. Links between Arms Trade, Defence Industry and Globalisation organised by TNI, ENAAT, Campagne tegen Wapenhandel and X minus Y Solidarity Fund in Amsterdam.


19-21 May


Strategy Conference Iraq and the Global Peace Movement Jakarta, Indonesia.


16-18 May


TNI Fellows' Meeting 2003 focusing on the theme of "Going Global. Movements against Empire".


16 May


Book Cover Broken HeartsTNI Fellow Howard Wachtel speaks to his 100 Years of Wall Street at the American Book Centre Treehouse, Amsterdam.


15 May


Discussion evening The Movements for Peace and Global Justice and on The Nature of the Status Quo They Confront Today with Phyllis Bennis, Mariano Aguirre, Hilary Wainwright, Carolina Rudas, and Olivier Hoedeman at the American Book Centre Treehouse, Amsterdam.


5 May

Jan Pronk, Fiona Dove, Peter Weiss

TNI Forum The Legality of the War against Iraq. Implications for the UN System organised by TNI in cooperation with De Balie. Speakers: Jan Pronk and Peter Weiss. Amsterdam, 5 May 2003


1-4 May


Conference PosterConference Towards a Critical Globalisation Studies. Continued Debates, New Directions, and Neglected Topics Santa Barbara, CA, US, with TNI speakers Walden Bello, Susan George and Boris Kagarlitsky.


16-17 April


Martin Jelsma in ViennaMid-term review of the goals and targets set in 1998 by the special General Assembly on drugs, Vienna, Austria.


9-11 April


TNI and the Malaysia Support Group facilitate the lobby activities of Malaysian Human Rights organisations on their visit to the Netherlands, marking the second anniversary of the detention-without-trial of the ISA 6 prisoners in Malaysia.


3 April


Video CoverPresentations of Iraq documentaries, "Iraq: Voices from the Streets" from Saul Landau and Sonia Argula, and "Paying the Price. Killing the Children of Iraq" from John Pilger, co-organised by TNI and Cavia, Amsterdam.




Cover Change of CourseTNI Drugs & Democracy project co-ordinator Martin Jelsma addresses hearings and conferences on the "road to Vienna" (Conference on UN Drug Control Policies and the Conventions in Mestre, Italy; Conference organised by the EU presidency, EC and EMCDDA in Athens, Greece; Hearing "Vienna 2003. A Change for the World. For Another Drug Policy" in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium). A special issue of the TNI Briefing Series Change of Course. An Agenda for Vienna is dedicated to the mid-April special session on drugs.


22 March


International Seminar Advancing Alternatives to Water Privatisation Kyoto's Seika University, Japan. Co-organised by TNI with Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO, The Netherlands), Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (Malaysia) and ATTAC (Japan).


14-17 March


A group of prominent Asian intellectuals, parliamentarians, civil society leaders and activists, including TNI Fellow Walden Bello, went to Baghdad as a part of Asian Peace Mission in a desperate last-ditch effort to avert the war. Their report of meetings with students and other citizens gets under the surface of the mainstream media reports and reveals a vulnerable but enduring people on the edge of war.


26 January


Meeting Forging an International Research and Support Network around Brazil World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 26 January 2003


26 January


Seminar New Politics. Actors, Strategies and Alternatives. TNI speakers include Daniel Chavez, Hilary Wainwright and Dot Keet. WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


25 January


Seminar Migrants as Transnational Actors in the Era of Globalisation organised by TNI with RESPECT, KALAYAAN, CFMW, DAWN, AMC and RMALC. WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


25 January


Seminar European Union: Giant in Trade, Dwarf in Politics WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


23 January


Workshop Soberanía Energética y Sociedades Sustentables WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


8-10 January


African Skillshare on Public Finance, Energy Restructuring and Climate Change Maputo, Mozambique, organised by TNI Energy project with Global Village Cameroon.


2-7 January


Asian Social ForumTNI Fellows Praful Bidwai, Achin Vanaik and Brid Brennan participate in the Asian Social Forum Hyderabad, India, bringing together 15.000 activists from all over the the Asian continent.




Cover The Sky is Not the LimitTwo new issues in the TNI Briefing Series are published: Lights On! Towards Equitable, Sustainable and Democratic Electricity Policies by the TNI Energy project and The Sky is Not the Limit. The Emerging Market in Greenhouse Gases by Carbon Trade Watch.