TNI at the Alter Summit

10 June 2013

The Alter Summit is taking place one week after the big mobilization against the Troika in 100 European cities and the blockade of the ECB led Blockupy.

The Transnational Institute is participating in the Alter Summit, which is being held in Athens from 7-9 of June. This is a historic and crucial step forward in the building of more convergence between movements opposed to current undemocratic, anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions.

This event is organised by the Greek social movements with the support of civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, political and cultural personalities from all around Europe.

It is a highly symbolic gathering, since Greece has been the laboratory of the destructive austerity and so-called competitiveness policies, but can also become the laboratory of the resistance against austerity.

It is the occasion to stress that the struggle of the Greek social movements is a European struggle, show the solidarity of European organizations and movements towards the Greek struggles, and the occasion to present the Alter Summit Manifesto, voicing the alternative proposals of the social movements against the crisis.

The Alter Summit Manifesto itself is an expression of a complex process forged over several months pursuing a difficult roadmap across the diverse movements engaged in responding to the crisis. It has been driven by a shared sense of urgency and realization that the future of Europe is at stake. However the Manifesto is not only about the presentation of a joint responsibility, it is also the basis to materialize specific proposals for campaigns and European actions in ten different assemblies.

TNI has been involved in the process of the Alter Summit from its beginnings and participates in the following Assemblies:

  • Brid Brennan - Migrations -Taking Action for Equal Rights in Europe
  • Brid Brennan & Sol Trumbo- Reclaiming Democracy-People United aganist the Troika
  • Frank Slijper - Peace and Foreign policy
  • Hilary Wainwright - Common Goods & Public Services (water, etc) and privatization issues