TNI -Sponsored land grabbing side event at the FAO Food Security World Committee session, Rome 2010

Competing Views and Strategies on Global Land Grabbing
03 November 2010

Leading academics discuss key issues regarding 'the global land grab' and how this is linked critically to official policies, like 'Responsible Agricultural Investment' (RAI), considering how small farmers are being dispossessed and incorporated into the agro-food-feed-fuel complex.

A number of experts - Philip McMichael and Wendy Wolford (Cornell University), Ian Scoones (University of Sussex), Oane Visser (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen), Ben White (International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague), Ruth Hall (Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies) joined the TNI-sponsored side event to the Rome summit. Below you can download their notes and presentations from the event.

TNI-Sponsored side event: Competing Views and Strategies on Global Land Grabbing, Event Programme (download .pdf)


Download the notes / presentations from our speakers at the event:

Ben White
"Who will own the countryside? Corporate land deals and the future of farming" (download .pdf)
"Who will own the countryside? Land grabbing and the future of farming in Southeast Asia" (download powerpoint presentation, .ppt)

Ruth Hall
"Land grabbing in Africa: available evidence on its scale and character and insights of relevance to policy makers" (download presentation .pdf)

Philip McMichael
"Agrofood-feed-fuel complex as context and cause of land grabbing" (download .pdf)
"Agrofood-feed-fuel complex and the land grab" (download powerpoint presentation, .ppt)


Other documents from the session:

FAO-VG Principles (English, download .pdf); Español (.pdf); Français (.pdf)

Why We Oppose the Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI, download .pdf); Español (.pdf); Français (.pdf)