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01 December 2005

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This week the world watched CNN or BBC as the US and British governments conducted military strikes against Afghanistan. The so-called "war against terrorism" is currently escalating into a world crisis. Social movements from all tendencies –religious, secular and political- have been pushed to either support the US in retaliating for the September 11 events or demand an end to armed conflict and military intervention.

TNI provides a forum for structured and focused discussion concerning the implications of the September 11 events and the consequences of US military action. The purpose here is to provide room for critical analysis from different angles of global consideration. The articles presented fuel arguments for real alternatives to war during this time of violent conflict. The work is updated on a continuous basis, as writers from TNI’s broad network have been asked to respond to their colleagues’ commentaries.

Beyond Bin Laden, TNI Advisor Fred Halliday writes on the escalating conflict within an International Relations theory framework.

New articles by Praful Bidwai, Jochen Hippler, Boris Kargelitsky and Saul Landau can be found at TNI Fellows' page

World Wide Demonstrations

All around the world progressive forces have mobilised to oppose the escalating military conflict in Central Asia. On Saturday 20 October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands there will be a national demonstration against US/British military action in Afghanistan. Participators will gather at Dam Square at 14:00 and march to the US Consulate on Museumplein. TNI will be represented. For information on demonstrations and gatherings throughout the rest of the world, check out:

The War Against Terrorism and Drugs

How does the so-called "war against terrorism" affect the "war against drugs"? Amira Armenta from TNI’s Drug and Democracy Programme offers the latest information, in Spanish.

GATSwatch Paper for Presentation

Erik Wesselius of the TNI and CEO GATSwatch Programme presented his paper "Liberalisation of Trade in Services: Corporate Power at Work" at the Royal Institute of International Affairs on 10 October.

Online Free Trade/Globalisation Debate

The Dutch Ministry for Development and Co-operation initiated and will be hosting an e-discussion/debate on Neo-liberalism, Free Trade and the Prospects for "developing" (poor) countries. Minster Herfkens especially asked for TNI’s participation, but the forum is open to all. The bilingual forum will take place between 20 October and 20 November at:

Pinochet Watch - 9 October 2001

This update highlights new developments in the issues that are related to Pinochet's trial. Also, check out the new information about the Kissinger case.

Southern Voices on Biotechnology

How far can gene technology be trusted to provide a safe and sustainable solution to the problem of hunger? Should privately funded research only benefit those who funded it? Will eating genetically engineered food affect our health in the long term? Do we have sufficient scientific evidence and information to make any judgments about these issues at all?

The European Network University and the Biotechnology and Development Monitor (both Amsterdam-based) will host an on-line discussion/debate entitled "Biotechnology and Food from a Southern Perspective". The e-debate will begin on 31 October and last until 13 November 2001. All are welcome to contribute within the framework provided by the aforementioned organisations. For more information see the following:
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