Vote for 2018 Transformative Cities Peoples´ Choice Award

09 May 2018

Around the world people are developing radical local solutions to global problems. In 2017, TNI launched the Transformative Cities Initiative to find examples of effective people-led initiatives on water, energy and housing. We now want you to tell us which one inspires you to act.

The public is being invited to vote for up to three of nine initiatives. They include cities that span five continents - Barcelona, Cádiz, Cochabamba, Dar-es-Salaam, Grenoble, Lagos, Port Louis, Solapur and Richmond - that have all transformed the lives of city-dwellers in important ways. These nine cases are selected from a longer list of 32 initiatives from 19 countries mapped in an Atlas of Utopias.

You are invited to check out the stories of these nine communities, vote for 3 of the initiatives and then encourage others to vote too! We hope that this will shine a spotlight on transformative practices that, collectively, can bring us closer towards a world of peace, equity and democracy.

Cast your vote and share these hopeful stories of radical change.

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