War, Repression, Terrorism

13 September 2006
Jochen Hippler

War, Repression, Terrorism
Political Violence and Civilisation in Western and Muslim Societies
A study by Jochen Hippler
Commentaries by Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid and Amr Hamzawy

Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA)
Stuttgart, Germany, September 2006

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Available also in Arabic [PDF] and German [PDF] from the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations


  • Foreword

War, Repression, Terrorism - Political violence and civilisation in Western and Muslim Societies

  • Introduction
  • The bloody 20th century
  • Violence and history: early examples
  • New structures of violence: colonialism
  • State-building and juridification: taming violence within society
  • Violence and the Modern Age
  • Interim appraisal
  • And the Near and Middle East?
  • Causes and basic structures of political violence
  • Terrorism as a special form of political violence
  • Terrorism and suicide attacks
  • Key example: politics and religion in relation to Osama bin Laden
  • The religious factor
  • Wastern legitimation of violence and the "War on Terror"
  • Common and contrasting problems with political violence


  • Brutality and Civilisation - Violence and terrorism?
  • Mechanisms of violence and motives of terrorism from a historical viewpoint
  • A structural analysis of the mechanisms of violence and the motives of terrorism
  • The mythological dimension of universal violence


  • The globalisation of danger and the intricacies of religion, politics and violence
  • The risk society: the structurality of violence and the universality of the change in value systems
  • The interconnection of religion, politics and violence in Arab-Islamic societies

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