Water Justice activities

08 February 2007

Water Justice activities


18 December 2006


Water a public good A workshop with ECOFONDO (Colombia), TNI, Amsterdam


19-21 November 2006


International seminar:
Public Models of Drinking Water Supply and sanitation in Rural Areas: Assessing the challenges in the rural drinking water supply and sanitation systems worldwide, Barcelona, Spain


10 July 2006


Workshop Democratising Public Water Delivery. The Case of Tamil Nadu, India. Guest speaker Dr. Suresh will introduce the successful efforts to democratise of public water delivery in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and discuss the potential for this approach to serve as an alternative to the privatisation strategies promoted by the World Bank in India. Time: 15:30-17:00. Place: TNI Seminar room, De Wittenstraat 25, Amsterdam. See The Maladies of the Water Situation Democratising and Demystifying The Conundrum a March 2006 paper by Dr. Suresh.


15 March 2006


Public Water For All - Symposium on Improving Public Water Delivery. A pre-event of the International Forum in the Defense of Water (March 17-19th), Mexico City, Mexico. Spanish version [PDF]


January 2006


Seminar Reclaiming Public Water World Social Forum 6, Caracas, 26 January


17-18 November 2005


Follow-up seminar Reclaiming Public Water Madrid, Spain and launch of the Spanish version of Reclaiming Public Water in several Spanish cities.


15-18 August 2005


Indonesian edition of Reclaiming public water launched, Indonesia


22 March 2005


In an open letter letter to EC Louis Michel on the occasion of World Water Day, over 70 civil society groups are calling on the EU to stop imposing water privatisation on developing countries. Welcoming statements by Commissioner Michel that essential services should be exempt from market pressures, the letter demands a "change of course in the EU's approach to the crisis in access to clean water and sanitation in developing countries".


28 January 2005


Seminar Seminar: Reclaiming Public Water. WSF, Porto Alegre, Brazil. The book Reclaiming Public Water is launched.


19 January 2004


Workshop Financing Public Water for All! initiated by the Water Warriors coalition. WSF, Mumbai, India. Full report is available in PDF.


17 January 2004

Water Justice Seminar

Seminar People-centred Water Management is Possible. Alternatives to Water Privatisation organised by TNI with CEO, ASSEMAE (Brazil), NCAP (Ghana), Public Services International, REDES (Uruguay), Friends of the Earth International, Council of Canadians, Public Citizen (US), the Water Vigilance Network (Philippines) and the World Development Movement (UK). WSF, Mumbai, India. Full report is available in PDF.
The new website Water Justice initiated by Transnational Institute and Corporate Europe Observatory is being launched.


12-14 January 2004


Seminar People's World Water Forum New Delhi, India.


13-14 November 2003


Seminar Commercialisation vs Public Services, Round 3
Taking Action. The Role of Citizens. Campaign Strategies against the Privatisation of Water
organised by TNI with Public Services International, Women in Europe for a Common Future, Women in Development Europe, ATTAC-France, Amis de la Terre/FOE, L'Association pour le Contrat Mondial de l'Eau, Consommation Logement Cadre de Vie, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Mama 86 (Ukraine), Comité International pour le Contrat Mondial


16-18 October 2003


Strategy Meeting onWater Privatisation in the South TNI Office, Amsterdam.


18 October 2003


Public debate Struggles against Water Privatisation in the South Theaterinstituut, Amsterdam, organised by TNI and CEO.


6 September 2003


A Street Cinema for Water Solidarity, showing video: Solidarity and Crisis in Orange Farm, South Africa. Satoko Kishimoto (Japan) from TNI's Water Justice project , and Claudia Torrelli (Uruguay) from Sedes/CEO, spoke on Water Privatisation, Amsterdam.


22 March 2003


International Seminar Advancing Alternatives to Water Privatisation Kyoto's Seika University, Japan. Co-organised by TNI with Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO, The Netherlands), Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (Malaysia) and ATTAC (Japan).