Week of Action on Investment

13 December 2011

In November 2011, Brussels was the stage for a 'Week of Action' which looked to expose the threat of Bilateral Investment Treaties to democratic governance and public interest and to advocate for an Alternative Investment Regime. 


International investment agreements pose a threat to democratic governance and the public interest. These agreements undermine the right of governments to regulate in favour of human rights, decent work, right to health and environmental sustainability. They allow corporations to sue sovereign states before secret and unaccountable international arbitration tribunals. It is the rules of investment that give transnational corporations extraordinary rights without any obligations. In this context, a Week of Action against Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and for an Alternative Investment Regime was held.

120 social activists, campaigners, farmers, trade unionists, academics and lawyers from Africa, Asia, Latin and North America and Europe came together between 5 and 8 of November 2011 in Brussels on the occasion of the Week of Action on Investment Treaties and for an Alternative Investment Regime.

The programme of this 4-day event included a Forum where critical analysis on the current international investment regime and bilateral investment treaties were presented as well as alternatives, strategy meetings, a Debate with the European Commission, a Session in the European Parliament and an expert workshop.

It was organised by Seattle to Brussels (S2B) network, Network for Justice in Global Investment (NJGI), EU-ASEAN FTA network, Campaign against BITs and ICSID Latin America, Hemispheric Social Alliance and Europe-Latin America biregional network Enlazando Alternativas.

One of the outcomes of the Week of Action, was the launch of a Call for an Alternative Investment Model (available in English, Spanish and French). So far, 92 organisations and 7 global/regional networks have signed the call.


Power point presentations made during our Week of Action. Among those, you will find:

  • Busting the myths about the need for investment protectionAlberto Arroyo
  • Investment treaties and the constraints on policy space: the relevant State obligations, Nathalie Bernasconi
  • Investor-to-state arbitration: What?s wrong with ICSID and some key casesGus van Harten
  • EU-India FTA Leena Menghaney
  • State of Investment regime in ASEAN, Joseph Purugganan
  • State of play US investment policy, Sarah Anderson

Vdeos presentations that can be seen on Seattle to Brussels youtube channel


Here's the one that Marc Maes gave on 5 November 2011 on the State of play in the European Union.

Other video presentations include:


Photos from the Week of Action

WoA11 WoA10 WoA20  WoA13 WoA24 WoA27

See all the photos at TNI flickr account.